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Humanities 8 - China

This is a mini-unit covering the Shang Dynasty and 2-3 other dynasties as time allows.

The introductory class (June 2) to Chinese History included watching and taking notes on these videos:

Crash Course - 2000 Years of Chinese History

Note this was only watched to the end of quick dynasty survey - about 5 minutes - for some key terms and ideas

Travelogue HQ - Shang Capital Anyang 1/2

(all - 13 minutes) This covers many topics: Anyang, Chinese writing, Oracle Bones

Travelogue HQ - Shang Capital 2/2

(all - 13 minutes)


Read Pathways, "The Shang Dynasty" pp 77-80. Answer Q. 3, page 82. Due Wednesday, June 4

Optional Reading: "The Mystery of the Oracle Bones, p 70.