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Humanities 8 - Religions Unit

The Five Major Religions
Began Thursday, February 13, 2014
Introductory guiding questions (discussion):
  • Why is religion important for the establishment of nations from a political perspective, for example, in Charlemagne's Holy Roman Empire?
  • Why is it useful to study these major religions before we study the High Middle Ages?
  • What happens in the High Middle Ages based on religion?

View the video on this site twice, taking notes and sharing info.

Ted Talk Video on Religion 

    • Then answer Think questions on the site as a class



DUE: Monday, February 24 at the beginning of class.

If you are away, please use this link to begin your research project. Download the chart form and follow the suggestions for research on this chart. You will be using Pathways, and online resources to complete a 5-page chart on the Five Major Religions. Create one chart for each religion. You can use the notes from our earlier studies on Christianity as well as Pathways to begin the Christianity chart.

 Click here for: Templeton Library Link for 5 Major Religions Project

Use the books available in the library and the internet links from the Library Link to complete the chart. Make sure you have answered all the questions completely.



Questions on Religions.pdfQuestions on Religions.pdf