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English 8

Hello Everyone! Welcome to my English 8 website. 
Classroom: 207

Here is the course outline and my email address:

This site contains a summary of the material covered in classes and units, including video links, handouts and homework. If you are absent you can check here for material you missed. If you want to watch a video you saw in class again, you can find it here.
As site material is added, separate webpages for each unit will be added. For the time beingthis page will be like a blog and continue below by date.  

       ​​Ms. Ramsey

My Schedule: Second Block Rotation 

​Day 1 ​Day 2
​SS 9 - Rm 207 SS 8 - Rm 207
Prep En 8 - Rm 207
​SS 9 - Rm 207 EN 8 - Rm 207
​Rm 124 Rm 124

Week ending Sept 26

 Learning Styles Video

October 6

Lesson 1 of Grammar - "Synonyms" is homework if not completed in class (will be collected Wednesday)

Read "Bearing Up" in Takes pp 21-32 for Wednesday

October 8

Synonyms handed in 

Brief discussion of the bear real? setting?

Handout of Short Story Terms and Questions for "Bearing Up"  (Do not answer Q 7)

A Short Story Study Guide.pdfA Short Story Study Guide.pdf

ShortStories-Bearing Up.pdfShortStories-Bearing Up.pdf


October 10

Homework: Due Wednesday October 15 (next class)

  • Read "Babysitting Helen" pp 50-57
  • Do Lesson 3 of Grammar and finish Lesson 2 if not done
  • Think of a good story of something that happened in your family (small event)

ShortStories-Babysitting Helen.pdfShortStories-Babysitting Helen.pdf


October 17

  • Collected "Babysitting Helen" work
  • Assigned Family Story Comic Strip (can be about self and friends) Due Oct 28

Family Story-Comic Strip.pdfFamily Story-Comic Strip.pdf


Comic DUE: Tuesday, Oct 28 (D2.P1 class) or Thursday Oct 30 (D2.P4 class) 


October 30

 50 English Proverbs

"To Each His Song" Questions due Monday, November 3

Short Story Activity Sheet.docxShort Story Activity Sheet.docx


Nov 7 

"The Dragon Tamer" Questions were due today

Short story terms test on Thursday, Nov 13

Some terms are on the question sheet so a copy is here:

 Short Story Activity Sheet-DragonTamer.pdfShort Story Activity Sheet-DragonTamer.pdf