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Reading Program

1) All Ell students should work on the following:
2) All students should be reading
a) read one book per month
b) write a log for every class
c) one response journal per week
d) be prepared for the bi monthly vocabulary test

Useful Web Sites

Free PowerPoint and worksheets to download. Excellent resources for learning English grammar.
Basic English - Essential Lessons for Beginning English Learners
Essential basic English lessons for beginning English learners. Each lesson includes a short quiz to test the understanding of these basic English concepts. Handouts
Learning Strategies
Other Useful ELL Teaching and Learning Websites
VOA Special English

American English

BBC English

British Council Teachers’ Resource

Breaking News English—ESL/EFL Lesson Plans

English Club—Resources for ESL/EFL Teachers

Busy Teacher’s Cafe

Web English Teacher

ESL Galaxy—free ESL worksheets and board games

Learn English Today
ABC Fast Phonics
Teach children and adults to read fast and easy. Learn to read with interactive audio lessons and hundreds of clickable words.

Starfall’s Learn to Read with Phonics
A free website to teach children to read with phonics for preschool, kindergarten, and first grade. Exciting phonics games and online interactive books.

Teaching Reading with Phonics - American English Pronunciation
Learn American English pronunciation and teach children and English students how to read using a step-by-step, simple approach to learning phonics. This unique phonics video series takes you through all of the basic English sounds in a practical order to help children and foreign learners of English master the sounds of English quickly.
Sean Banville’s 8 Materials Sites (Breaking News English)

Easy Reading for Beginning Students
Beginner’s reading with audio recordings and online exercises.
365 ESL Short Stories
For intermediate ELL students. Comes with audio recordings and online exercises.

Tumble Books— free online books in public library

Scholastic.comReading Lists
Find a book list to inspire every kind of reader, from bookworms to reluctant readers. Browse books by topic, award winners, and age.
ESL Flashcards
This website allows you download sets of flashcards in various sizes in pdf format which you can then print and use as needed. There is a whole host of sets of flashcards on here; actions, numbers, prepositions, sports, time and so many more!

ESL Desk—Vocabulary
Includes many word lists—Dolch List by Grade, Vocabulary List by Grade, Essential ESL Vocabulary and proverbs/idioms. The words linked to online dictionary. There are also spelling tests.

VOA (Voice of America) Word Book

AAA—Word Lists by Grade Level
Write Source
Writing Den
Guide to Writing a Basic Essay
My English Teacher
SRJC Online Writing Center