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Graduation Program

1. Graduation Requirements 

Graduation Requirement Checklist.pdfGraduation Requirement Checklist.pdf


2. Graduation Transitions: for the year 2017 - 2018 with Mr. Leung

     Graduation Transitions Assignment Cover Sheet: Download and read this FIRST!

    GT Assignment Cover Sheet_2017-2018.pdfGT Assignment Cover Sheet_2017-2018.pdf


     GT Assignment #1 (amended - Option 1 of Question 2 has been modified as a result of the ministry's change to the

     way student transcripts are ordered, and how PSI is done):

    GT Assignment 1_2017-2018.pdfGT Assignment 1_2017-2018.pdf (please do NOT use this one)

    GT Assignment 1_2017-2018_Updated.pdfGT Assignment 1_2017-2018_Updated.pdf

     You may find the following step-by-step instructions useful for using the new Student Transcripts Service (STS). This

     would help you complete option 1 of question #2 of GT Assignment 1.

     Using the New Student Transcripts Service.pdfUsing the New Student Transcripts Service.pdf


     GT Assignment #2:

    GT Assignment 2_2017-2018.pdfGT Assignment 2_2017-2018.pdf


     GT Assignment #3 (please note the various time-sensitive dates of the individual components of this assignment):

    GT Assignment 3_2017-2018.pdfGT Assignment 3_2017-2018.pdf


     Physical Activity Log for Term 1:

    Physical Activity Log 12_Term 1.pdfPhysical Activity Log 12_Term 1.pdf

     Physical Activity Log for Term 2:

    Physical Activity Log 12_Term 2.pdfPhysical Activity Log 12_Term 2.pdf

     Physical Activity Log for Term 3

    Physical Activity Log 12_Term 3.pdfPhysical Activity Log 12_Term 3.pdf

     Graduation Transition: Exit Interviews - information to be uploaded shortly 

3. District Career Information Advisor contact: Joey Lau @VSB_CareerInfo    


4. Grade 12 Resume: To be filled out for students wishing to be considered for various in-school scholarships and award: 

 - form will be uploaded shortly