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Templeton Traditions

Did you know that Templeton is more than 85 years old?  In fact, Templeton’s Titans served our country during World War II, the Korean War, as well as in several peace-keeping operations around the world.  Templeton students have distinguished themselves in commerce, politics, athletics and other aspects of local, provincial and national endeavour.  Titan pride is evident in every one of our alumni, and now you too will continue Templeton’s proud traditions.  Being a Titan means a lot to those who have had the privilege of attending our school over the years.


The staff and administration of Templeton Secondary have worked hard to develop curriculum which is both relevant and challenging for our students.  We continue to introduce programs which prepare our students to be positive, contributing members of society.  Templeton offers a Mini School.  Advanced Placement exams are taken by students in Calculus.  Challenge courses are offered in Mathematics and the school is proud to welcome gifted elementary students in Grade 6 and 7 into Mathematics classes at the Grade 8 and 9 levels.  Career Preparation is offered in 14 programs and apprenticeship opportunities are available for students.  We also provide English as a Second Language Program, as well as an innovative new program designed to help students improve in areas of their academic development which may need additional support.  In addition to the curricular program, extensive extra-curricular opportunities are provided for students in Athletics and Visual and Performing Arts.


In the spring, counsellors work with the students in each grade to plan for the following academic year.  Students are advised of course requirements and elective choices available.  If possible, some course changes may be permitted the last week of August or early in September, but only for valid educational reasons.  All changes must be approved by the administration.


Course selection is one of the most important decisions in your secondary school education.  Your program should provide the courses needed for your career goals, either entry to a post-secondary educational program or direct employment.  This calendar is a guide to assist you in selecting your courses.  It does not contain full course descriptions but will give you the main topics covered, special assignments or tasks required.  Check with the course instructor for a complete description of what the course will involve.


You should find out as much as possible about the courses you are choosing prior to selecting them.  Also consider the time and effort that will be needed to be successful in the course.  By doing so, you will make the best selection and reduce the need for course changes later on.


Ask yourself the following questions:


1.         What courses do I need for graduation?

2.         What courses do I need for entry to a post-secondary program or to get a job after graduation?

3.         Do I have the lower level courses (Prerequisites) and have I achieved the recommended level of entry in those courses to the senior level courses I want and need?

4.         Am I willing to do all the required work and put in the time and effort to be successful?

5.         Did I choose my courses based on my interests, abilities and future goals/needs?


This is an important time of year.  The decisions students make during course selection will, in some way, impact your life direction.  Please discuss your options with your counsellor, parents, or a teacher.  Additional career and university requirement information may be obtained from our Career Information Assistant.  Remember...choose wisely, make a difference, and continue the Titan tradition of excellence!


Good luck in your studies and enjoy the riches you will experience through your course selections.​