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Social Studies

SOCIAL STUDIES 9                                                                                                                         MSS--09

Prerequisite:  Social Studies 8 or Social Studies 8E                                                                                                         


Social Studies 9 includes the continued development of geographic knowledge and analysis, the study of colonialism as seen in Canada up to 1815, and the concept of revolution with emphasis on the Industrial Revolution.  Enrichment activities will centre around current events.


SOCIAL STUDIES 9 ENRICHED                                                                                                    MSS--09E

Prerequisite:  Social Studies 8E or Social Studies 8 with recommendation of teacher                                                        


Using existing course curriculum, this course is designed to challenge the more advanced learner.  As well as the continued development of critical thinking skills, group skills and leadership, students will gain proficiency in presentation of materials.  Students will take some responsibility for the design of their own learning.


SOCIAL STUDIES 10                                                                                                                       MSS--10

Prerequisite:  Social Studies 9 or Social Studies 9E                                                                                                         


Social Studies 10 includes a study of Canadian History and Geography.  The course continues to build upon themes developed in grade 9 and focuses on the development of Canada as a nation, with an emphasis on Western Canada.  Geographic knowledge and skills previously acquired are reinforced and expanded through a study of Canada's economy.  Course includes sections on mapping and map analysis, physical features of Canada, and the effects of weather and climate.  Enrichment will include activities centred around current events.


SOCIAL STUDIES 10 ENRICHED                                                                                                  MSS--10E

Prerequisite:  Social Studies 9E or Social Studies 9 with recommendation of teacher                                                        


Using existing course curriculum, this course is organized to challenge the more advanced learner.  Students will develop facility in leadership and group interaction.  Strategies are employed to develop and improve students' critical thinking skills.


SOCIAL STUDIES 11                                                                                                                       MSS--11

Prerequisite:  Social Studies 10 or Social Studies 10E


Building on the earlier grades, Social Studies 11 provides the knowledge and skills necessary for students to become responsible citizens of Canada and the world.  Students continue their study of contemporary Canada by examining government, politics and Canadian society and its relationship with the rest of the world.  Students then make the transition to a global perspective by investigating major concerns such as population growth, distribution of resources, and the impact of industrialization and technology on contemporary society.   By the end of the course, the students will have a better understanding of Canada's influence in the global environment.  Social Studies 11 has a Ministry examinable course worth 20% of the overall mark.



SOCIAL STUDIES 11 ENRICHED                                                                                                  MSS--11E

Prerequisite: Social Studies 10E or Social Studies 10 with recommendation of teacher


Using existing course curriculum this course is organized to challenge the more advanced learner.  Students will develop their critical thinking skills through the study of 20th Century Canadian history, government structure and world geography issues and concepts.  Enrichment activities will focus around historical and current events and issues.  Students will be involved in both individual and group assignments and should be prepared to participate in class discussions and independent research.  This is a Ministry examinable course.  Students will write the Social Studies 11 Ministry exam.


CANADIAN STUDIES 11                                                                                                            MSS--11CS

Prerequisite:  Students must be recommended by their Social Studies teacher


Students follow the same curriculum as Social Studies 11.  It is designed to assist those students who need to improve their listening, speaking, reading and writing skills.  The course material is adapted in order for students with learning challenges to be successful.  This is a Ministry examinable course; students will write the Social Studies 11 exam worth 20%.


FIRST NATIONS STUDIES 12                                                                                                        MFNS-12

Prerequisite:  Social Studies 10 and English 10


This course is designed to meet the needs of all students who are interested in knowing the traditions, culture, and history of First Nations people.  While this course focuses mainly on BC First Nations, it also has five interrelated curriculum organizers in skills and processes, language and relationship, contact, colonialism, and resistance.  Cultural expressions, leadership and self-determination are also explored.  This course satisfies a Grade 12 requirement.  First Nations Studies 12 is a mandatory Ministry-examinable course.


This course may be used to meet the Social Studies 11 Foundation Studies requirement for graduation.  If it is used as the Social Studies 11 requirement, it cannot be used as one of the four (4) Grade 12 courses required for graduation.


LAW 12                                                                                                                                         MLAW-12

Prerequisite: Social Studies 11 or Social Studies 11E


As a Law 12 student you will learn about the role of law in regulating your life and the institutions that create and enforce the law.  The course will promote skills and understandings that enable you to become informed, law-abiding citizens who can participate in law-related discussions, recognize the means available to resolve legal problems, and think critically about the effectiveness of legal institutions.  A variety of learning strategies will be included:  cooperative learning, seminars, debates, guest speakers, career exploration and field trips.  Evaluation will include projects, participation, independent work, work ethic, and tests. 


GEOGRAPHY 12                                                                                                                             MGEO-12

Prerequisite:  Social Studies 11 or Social Studies 11E


This course is designed to develop students' understanding of the relationship between the various components of the physical and human environments.  Areas of study include tectonic processes (earthquakes and volcanoes), gradational processes (glaciers, wind, and water), weather and climate, ecosystems, map interpretation and resource and environmental sustainability.  Students will be able to apply their knowledge of the physical and human environments to the management of our global resources. 


HISTORY 12                                                                                                                                    MHI--12

Prerequisite:  Social Studies 11 or Social Studies 11E


History 12 is an academic course which provides a broad and intensive survey of 20th Century world history with an emphasis on the key events, ideas, issues, and people that have shaped the present world.  History 12 is a challenging but very satisfying course that requires an on-going commitment to serious thinking, not only about historical issues but also about current events.  It is content-rich and so requires strong reading comprehension and competent writing skills.  Curious, motivated students who are eager to engage in research and to probe the often-confusing realities of the twentieth century will enjoy this course. 


HISTORY THROUGH FILM 12                                                                                                       YVPA-2K

Prerequisite:  None - open to Grade 11 and 12 students


This course is designed to allow students to analyze 20th Century history through media such as feature-length movies and documentaries.  Students will study the following units:  International Conflicts such as World Wars I and II and the Cold War; Economic Challenges such as the “Roaring Twenties” and the “Dirty Thirties” and the post-war boom of the 1950's and 1960's; Struggle for Human Rights in many areas of the world, particularly the USA and South Africa; Decolonization and Nationalism with the emergence of new nations such as India and the Middle East; and Modern Global Issues such as globalization and terrorism.  In each unit several movies will be viewed with students responsible for writing a movie summary and analysis and quizzes.  There is no final exam.  This course is designed for those students who like history, but find the academic course material a challenge to memorize and process.


COMPARATIVE CIVILIZATION 12                                                                                              MCCN-12

Prerequisite:  Social Studies 11 or Social Studies 11E


This course focuses on the development of human culture from prehistory.  Students will study several of the major civilizations of the world, focusing on such aspects as art, architecture, literature, religion, and science/technology throughout the ages.  Students will also examine the roles of anthropology and archaeology in understanding the past.  A variety of learning strategies, both individual and group based will be used to enhance the students' understanding of how humanity has developed.  Evaluation will include projects, essays, presentations, tests, participation, and work habits. 


SOCIAL JUSTICE 12                                                                                                              MSJ--12

Prerequisite:  None - Open to Grade 11 and 12 students


Sign up for Social Justice 12 and change the way you see the world.  Look into issues like ethnicity, race, gender, socio-economic status, sexual orientation, marital and family status, poverty, and privilege.  In this course you will actively participate in group discussions, examine and deepen your beliefs through self-reflection, and carry out a self-directed action plan on an issue of your choice within one of three focus areas:

- defining social justice

- recognizing, confronting, and overcoming injustice

- moving toward a socially just world