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Service Courses

PEER TUTORING 12                                                                                                                 YIPS-2BTUT

Prerequisite:  Permission from Counsellor


This course is designed to provide senior students with experience in helping grade 8 or 9 students in academic or elective areas.  Under the supervision of a teacher, the student tutors are given an orientation to tutoring before placement.  Area of placement is decided cooperatively by and administrator, counsellor, SDC teacher and student, and includes English, Math, Social Studies and Science classes as well as elective courses. Student tutors may work in the Skills Development Centre, Special Education classes and Alternative Education programs, or homework club.  All placements are made initially on an on-trial basis.  The student tutors work on a one-to-one or small group basis in one block.   This course offers an excellent opportunity for students interested in pursuing a career in the teaching profession, social work or related careers. 


COMMUNITY SERVICE 11                                                                                                            YCPM-1D

Prerequisite: Grade 12 student in good standing, recommendation of administration


This course is designed to involve students in a variety of service activities in the school.  These may include assisting teachers in any subject area in the school, or functioning as assistants in the office or library.  Community Service 11 emphasizes the development of skills and attitudes which are significant in educational achievement and career development.


LINK LEADERSHIP 12                                                                                                             YIPS-2DLNK


This course has been developed to support and encourage peer mentoring to incoming Grade 8 students.  It will encourage senior students to explore the richness and diversity of various cultures and strengthen the morale/relationships among students.  As a culmination, students will reflect on their new and existing relationships through the various planned group events and contact they undergo throughout the school year with their assigned Grade 8 groups.  Learning outcomes for the course are grouped under the curriculum organizers:  personal and social responsibility, social and cultural issues, analysis, and creation.  Students are given the opportunity for self and peer assessment in each of the nine units.  Part of the course involves training for the Grade 8 orientation day.  Students are selected for this course and must hand in an application.​