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Mini School

The purpose of Templeton Mini School is to provide selected students with an enriching education that enables students to reach their intellectual, personal, social and career potential.  Templeton Mini School is an academic program offering a positive learning environment that is both exciting and challenging   The Mini School program has been developed to meet the diversified cognitive, emotional and social needs of our students.  It is designed to help students develop concepts and attitudes to assist them in becoming actively involved as independent, life-long learners.  The program has a strong focus that demands concentration, effort, and dedication, while also emphasizing social responsibility to school and community.


Teaching strategies, in addition to proven traditional methods, may include cooperative learning, interdisciplinary projects, acceleration, enrichment, and mentorship.  Evaluation methods and procedures reflect provincial standards.  The intended outcome is to provide the learner with depth and breadth in their studies and also to prepare each individual for graduation, scholarships, and success in post-secondary institutions.



- Peer Tutoring                                                      - Community Service Program

- Student Council                                                    - Interdisciplinary Studies

- Outdoor Education Trips                                          - Co-curricular Enrichment Excursions

- Partnership with Vancouver Aquarium                          - Streamkeepers

- Britannia Lodge Intergenerational Program


Outdoor education and enrichment excursions have typically been offered to Strathcona Park Lodge in the fall and Apex Mountain in the winter.  Both events are designed to encourage the development of physical and social skills and to enhance student appreciation and awareness of their natural surroundings.  Co-curricular excursions are offered to students and may include sites such as Bamfield Marine Station (Grade 8), Victoria (Grade 10), and Ashland, Oregon (Grade 11).  The cost for each activity will vary.


The program includes a community service component, which has proven to be very successful.  It gives students the opportunity to become actively involved in the local elementary schools as tutors and in the community as volunteers with organizations such as the Kiwassa Neighbourhood House, Frog Hollow, and Britannia Lodge.


The Templeton Mini School Parent Association is actively involved in fostering a “sense of community” through social events such as a Winter Celebration and Talent Show, International Dinner, Year End Celebration, and fundraising events.   Although the parents are involved in these events, student council members are primarily responsible for the planning and organization of activities.





Grade 8                           Grade 9                           Grade 10                          Grade 11                          Grade 12

English                            English                            English                            English                            English

Social Studies                    Social Studies                    Social Studies                    Social Studies

Science                           Science                           Science

Math                              Math


In addition to these Mini School courses, students take core and elective courses through the main school to fulfill their graduation requirements.  Electives include Fine and Performing Arts, Modern Languages, Applied Skills (Home Economics, Business Education, and Technical Studies), and Physical Education.  All main school activities are accessible to Mini School students.​