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Exceptional Programs

The Vancouver School Board believes all students have the right to an appropriate education.  To achieve this objective, a variety of special educational programs are available that provide for the development of all students to their fullest potential in a warm and supportive environment.



Academic departments may offer adapted courses to meet specific learning needs of students who may require additional support.  Adapted courses meet the same learning outcomes described by the Ministry of Education's Integrated Resource Package (IRP) and carry the same credit value as a non-adapted course.  This course is the same except that attention is directed at the most essential topics and the less challenging examples within those topics.  


These courses have learning outcomes that significantly differ from those in the BC Ministry of Education's IRP and do not receive credit. Students are screened and recommended for adapted and/or modified courses from a teacher, counsellor, parent, School Based Team, or administrator.
For students who require a block of individual or "small group" assistance in academic subject areas. A student may be referred to the SDC by a teacher, counsellor, parent or School Based Team. The student will undergo a screening procedure to check placement and needs. Where possible and appropriate, students work with senior student tutors. Students who are selected usually drop French 8, French 9, or another elective.





In an effort to provide students with more options when selecting, we have decided to offer a variety of courses using a semestered-scheduling structure.  A semestered course would run from September to January, or February to June.  Students would attend the class daily and complete the course in five months instead of ten months.  The advantages of a semestered course is to complete the course in less time, be able to make up courses that were failed in the past, or to have a more concentrated focus in a particular course.


The following courses might be offered using the semestered structure:


Calculus 12                               MCALC12 SEM              page 37           

Astronomy 11                           YPLS-1B SEM                page 44

Physics 11                                 MPH--11 SEM               page 45

Physics 12                                 MPH--12 SEM               page 46

Math 10                                                MFMP-10 SEM              page 36

Math 11                                                MPREC11 SEM              page 36

Science 9 Mini                           MSC--09 SEM               page 44

Science 10 Mini                         MSC--10 SEM               page 44

History Through Film 12                        YVPA-2K SEM               page 49

History 12                                 MHI--12 SEM                page 49

Social Justice 12                        MSJ--12 SEM                page 49

Law 12                                      MLAW-12 SEM              page 48

Geography 12                           MGEO-12 SEM              page 48

Comparative Civilization 12        MCCN-12 SEM              page 49

Literature 12                              MLIT-12 SEM                page 25

Writing 12                                 MWR--12 SEM              page 25









In order to take full advantage of the Science department's initiative to offer Advanced Placement courses in Biology, Chemistry and Physics, Mini School students will have the Science 9 and 10 courses taught in a semester basis, which means that in Grade 9 the students will have two Science classes in order to accommodate the completion of both Science 9 and 10 within their second year at Templeton.  This will provide the students with ample time at the Grade 11 and 12 level to complete the AP courses or any other advanced electives offered at the school.