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Culinary Arts

Culinary Arts

Culinary Arts, or what we all refer to as “cooking”, is one of the most popular hobbies and occupations in the world today. Famous cooks and chefs are written about in magazines, there are numerous cooking shows on TV and, of course, everyone loves to eat and has their favourite restaurants.  There are more people that work in this industry than in any other and everyone enjoys the fruits of their labour.  It is a fun and creative profession.

There is always a need for cooks and chefs in the industry.  With most families being two income households, people are relying more on restaurants than ever before as their schedule become busier and busier.  For the traveller at heart who has a Professional Cooking degree, finding a job anywhere in the world is much easier than in any other profession.  Templeton offers its students the chance to learn in one of the busiest and most successful teaching cafeterias in the city.  Students learn Eastern and Western cuisine, as well as, all aspects of a bake shop.  In addition to serving daily meals to staff and students in the school, the Cafeteria caters to groups in the school and the community.  This training helps students get started on their pathway to becoming a Red Seal Chef, which is the highest level that a chef can attain in North America.


This introductory course provides students with a learning situation comparable to a professional quantity food service kitchen.  In this active participation class, students will learn basic restaurant skills in safety and sanitation, food preparation (baking, sandwich and salad making, meat, fish and poultry cookery, short-order cooking, soups and sauce preparation, vegetable, pasta and rice cookery), operation and maintenance of industrial equipment, and customer service.  Although the emphasis is on quantity production, the principles and skills learned may also be applied in the home.  If you love to participate and do hands on work, this course is for you.  Students will also be taught Foodsafe Level 1 and given the chance to receive their certification.  Foodsafe is a requirement for anyone wanting to work (part-time or full-time) in the food industry.


This course builds on the skills learned in Cooks Training 12.  It gives students further training in quantity (commercial) food production and catering. Although the emphasis is on quantity production, the principles and skills learned may also be applied in the home. It is the intent that students will develop valuable skills which can be used to acquire a job and/or to make career choices.  Units of study include kitchen organization, use of industrial equipment, menu planning, safety and sanitation, counter and table service, cashiering, as well as food preparation skills in baking, sandwich and salad making, meat, fish and poultry cooking, short order cooking, soups and sauce preparation, vegetables, pasta and rice cookery. Students will be given the opportunity to choose recipes and prepare them for selling.  If you love to participate and do hands on work, this course is for you.