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Career Centre Information

​What is in the Career Centre?
  • Computer Programs - such as Choices and Career Cruising to help you research a variety of careers and educational options 
  • Internet access - to explore careers and post-secondary opportunities
  • Career - related books, pamphlets newsletters and magazines
  • Post-secondary - calendars, brochures and application forms
  • Bulletin boards - with information regarding volunteer opportunities, upcoming events and information sessions at post-secondary institutes ​  
How can the Career Centre help you?
We can:
  • Provide you with a variety of career exploration resources and help you develop a career plan.
  • Show you how to access educational information and opportunities
  • Assist you in researching​ financial aid for post-secondary education and training
  • Help you prepare a resume and covering letter
  • Provide information about job interviews and help you practice you interviewing skills
  • Advise students on Grad Transitions requirements and opportunities for completing Grad Transitions requirements 
Please click on the links below to view important information about post secondary education.


Career Centre Bulletin