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Templeton Life Skills



We support special needs students with ministry designations A thru G, with the help of a team of professionals ranging from: School Support Workers, Speech and Language Pathologists, Behavioral Interventionists, Mental Health Professionals, Physio Therapists, and Deaf/Blind Consultants.
We focus on life skills such as: increasing communication output,  emotional and behavioral development,  and establishing healthy eating, exercise and hygiene routines.

We get involved around the school with activities such as; a recycling program, gardening program, paper shredding, mail delivery, and attending modified cooking/woodworking/music classes.  We participate in our community each day with activities such as swimming, bowling, street safety, shopping and transportation training.


Shape of the Day

9:00 Work Baskets

9:30 Morning Meeting

10:00 Snack Time

10:30 Community Outings or Indoor activity

11:30 Cafeteria Lunch / Hot Lunch program

12:00  Leisure and Free Choice Time
12:30 Modified school classroom activity with peer tutors
1:00  Community Walk / Street Safety
1:30  Home Chores  and Clean up
2:30  Bus Pick up
School Holidays
 School Fees
Useful Links​
 Set BC
Feb     13th & 24th
 March 13th to 24th
 April    14th &17th
 May      5th & 22nd
 June    30th
$40  includes a school day planner
Graduation fees $100 (optional)
Hot-Lunch Program  $40/month(subsidies available - email principal) 
Street Safety Program
School Garden
Kristy Stefanucci B.A. M.Sc. RSLP
 Speech-Language Pathologist and Augmentative and Alternative Communication SLP
Certified in Speech-Language Pathology by SAC
Vancouver Board of Education
Voicemail: 604-817-0190
Jacob Rowe, M.Sc., RSLP, S-LP (C)
Speech-Language Pathologist
Direct Line: 604-326-3502
Cell: 778-887-6490
Fax: 604-266-2463
VSB Work Experience
Derek McQuillen
 Work Experience Transition Facilitator
 Career Programs/Learning Services
 Vancouver School Board
VSB Transition Coordinator
Extra Year Info
Pam Neuman – pneuman@vsb.bc – 778-228-1763
Funding and program placement after the age of 19 is determined by
provincial funding budgets and available spaces.  Children with the highest needs get services first.  Wait times for funding and program placement can take 3 to 12 months after graduation.  
Each year Pam hosts 3 information nights to share valuable
information and help parents build supportive networks .
Website for parents:
Here are the guidelines we follow at the VSB:
If a student is NOT 19 by year’s end-June 30th-they are eligible to stay for an additional year. 
We have a number of additional year programs now that will support students outside of their program classes but they fill up fast and we typically take students who will age out the year of them participating in the program. 
 Student First Bus Company – 604-418-0405
 VSB Bus Coordinator – 604-713-4456
 Handy Dart Application Form
School Admin Form
 Safety Plan Form
 Photo Release Form
Consent for Medication


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