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Life Skills Program

Program Description
The Secondary Life Skills Programs are small supportive classes for students with Moderate to Severe Intellectual Disabilities and/or Autism. Many of the students in these programs display challenging behaviours and unique learning needs. Upon graduation, students are awarded a school leaving certificate.
Curriculum emphasis:
  • improving communication skills
  • improving functional academic skills
  • teaching appropriate behavioural and social skills
  • teaching life skills and basic family life education
  • utilizing community recreation facilities to promote physical fitness
  • providing work experience (15 yrs.) where appropriate
  • providing transition to post secondary options

Student Profile

Students are appropriate referrals to the program when they:
  • meet the Ministry criteria for Moderate to Severe Intellectual Disabilities (C) or Autism (G) and/or Chronic Health Impairment (D)
  • have behaviour problems and/or special learning needs that cannot be met in the regular classroom


Referrals to the Life Skills Programs are submitted to the Screening Committee.
Feb 15th      Community Outings
Morning:                Mr. Rutledge - Bus training  to 29th Ave Skytrain Station - Snack Tim Hortons
                                 Nicole - Community Pool
Afternoon:             Paul - Aquarium                                            
Shape of the Day
9:00 Toileting and Hygiene routines
9:30 Morning Meeting and Work Baskets –  Communication Goals
10:00 Snack Time -  Personal Hygiene Goals
10:30 Community  (Pool, Bowling, Dollar Stores, Grociery Stores, Bus training)
11:30 Lunch Break - Cafeteria Hot Lunch Program Available
12:00 Choice Time – Modified art, ipad games, music, Bean Bag, ball pit, Swing
12:30 Social integrated activity - peer tutors – Gardening, Yoga, PE, Library
1:00 Community Walk / Street Safety
1:30 Work Experience type Activity - Dog Biscuit Baking, School Store,
2:00 Washroom , Wrap up Chores and Clean up  Washroom , Wrap up Chores and Clean up 
2:30 Outside until Bus Pick up


 School Holidays
 School Fees
Useful Links​
(Monday & Thursday)
Developmental Disabilities Association
 Sept  29                  Feb     12, 13 & 24
 Oct  9 & 20            March 13 to 24
 Nov   10 & 13        April    14 &17
 Dec   1 &25-29      May      5 & 22
 Jan   1 - 5                June    30
$30 Student Fee  (subsidies available - email principal
Grade 12 Graduation Ceremony fees $100 (optional event)
Hot-Lunch Program  (subsidies available - email principal
* If your child enjoys treats while on on community outings - chips, fries, hot chocolate etc. please provide some petty cash to Teacher/SSW
 Street Safety Program
Kristy Stefanucci B.A. M.Sc. RSLP
 Speech-Language Pathologist and Augmentative and Alternative Communication SLP
Certified in Speech-Language Pathology by SAC
Vancouver Board of Education
Voicemail: 604-817-0190
Lucy Grant, M.Sc., RSLP Direct Line: 604-326-3502
Cell: 778-887-6490
Fax: 604-266-2463
Kirsti Inglis
VSB Work Experience
Derek McQuillen
VSB Transition
 Extra Year Info
Funding and program placement after the
age of 19 is determined by provincial funding budgets
and available spaces.  Children with the highest needs
get services first.  Wait times for funding and program
placement can take 3 to 12 months after graduation.  
Websites for parents:
Here are the guidelines we follow at the VSB:
Students who are born prior to June 30th 1999-must graduate this year-they will be turning 19. 
Students who are born from July 1st 1999-June 30th 2000 are eligible for an additional year.  Those born after July 1st 2000 are eligible for 2 more years. 
 Student First Bus Company – 604-418-0405
 VSB Bus Coordinator – 604-713-4456
School Admin Form
Safety Plan Form
Photo Release Form


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