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Historical Fiction


  • A general "KEYWORD SEARCH" Search for "HISTORICAL FICTION" will result in all historical novels that fit this genre / category.
  • For fiction on a specific era (time period), you should conduct a "KEYWORD SEARCH", or a "SUBJECT BROWSE" search for terms such as:
Middle Ages Fiction
Renaissance Fiction
Roman Empire Fiction
Vikings Fiction, etc.
  • You can also indicate a specific country. For example:
  • Or you can also browse through the fiction shelves and paperback spinners for books with hourglass sticker on the spine label.
    Books with the historical fiction labels, will also have the time period, the specific dates and/or the country written on the bottom edge of the book.

    This is not a definitive list because we are constantly adding titles to the collection.
    For a full record of resources, consult WEBCAT.
    The list is organized by Era or Century,
    and then arranged alphabetically by title.


    Ancient Ocean Blues / Jack Mitchell - Short Stories
    Eagle in the Ninth Chronicles / Sutcliff [55 BC - 149 AD] 
                 - 3 books in one:
    The Eagle, The Silver Branch, The Lantern Bearers
    Gladiator: Fight for Freedom / Simon Scarrow
    The Roman Conspiracy / Jack Mitchell [65 AD - 62 AD]
    The Silver Branch (Book 2 in the Eagle Sequence) / Sutcliff [55 BC - 449 AD]
    The Lantern Bearers (Book 3 in the Eagle Sequence) Sutcliff [55 BC - 449 AD]


    Catla and the Vikings / Mary Elizabeth Nelson [1066]
    Sea of Trolls / Nancy Farmer
    Viking Warrior: Denmark A.D. 845 / Judson Roberts
    Whale Road / Robert Low


    Anna of Byzantium / Barrett
    Arthur Series by Kevin Crossley-Holland
         Book 1: At the Crossing Places
         Book 2: The Seeing Stone
    Belle's Song / K.M. Grant
    Bloodline Rising / Katy Moran
    Book of the Maid Servant / by Barnhouse
    Book of Tormod: Templar's Apprentice / Kat Black
    Book Without Words / Avi
    Catherine Called Birdy / Karen Cushman
    City of Secrets / Mary Hoffman
    City of Ships / Mary Hoffman
    Crispin Series by Avi
         Book 1: The Cross of Lead
         Book 2: At the Edge of the World
         Book 3: The End of Time
    Crusade / Laird
    Crusades Series by Karleen Bradford - Do not have to be read in order!
         The Lionheart's Scribe
         The Scarlet Cross
    The Cure / Levithan
    An earthly knight / McNaughton
    Falconer's Knot / Hoffman
    Here Lies Arthur / Reeve, Philip
    Heretics Secret Series by John Wilson
         Book 1: The Crusade
         Book 2: The Grail
    Hunchback of Notre-Dame / Hugo, Victor (Advanced Read)
    Invanhoe / Scott (Advanced Read)
    Mathilda Bone / Cushman
    Midwife's Apprentice / Karen Cushman
    Patience, Princess Catherine / Meyer [1485-1509]
    Perfect Fire Trilogy by K.M. Grant
         Book 1: Blue Flame [1242]
         Book 2: White Heat [1226-1270]
         Book 3: Paradise Red [1226 - 1270]
    Physician's Tale / Benson, Ann
    The Pillars of the Earth / Follett
    Scarlet Cross / Bradford
    World Without End / Ken Follett
    Youngest Templar Series by Michael Spradlin  
         Book 1: Keeper of the Grail
         Book 2: Trail of Fate
         Book 3: Orphan of Destiny

    RENAISSANCE [1500s / 16th Century]

    These titles span both the Middle Ages & The Renaissance periods.
    Check with your teacher before selecting one of these titles.

    Alcehmist's Daughter / Kernaghan [ 587 - 1603]
    Alchemy and Meggy Swann / Karen Cushman [1558 - 1603]
    Assassin's Creed: The Brotherhood / Oliver Bowden
    Beware, Princess Elizabeth / Carolyn Meyer [1533 - 1603]
    Bloody Tower / Valerie Wilding
    Burning Time / Carol Matas
    Constant Princess / Philippa Gregory [1509 - 1547]
    Doomed Queen Anne / Carolyn Meyer [1507 - 1536]
    Falling for Henry / Beverley Brenna
    Mary, Bloody Mary / Carolyn Meyer [1553 - 1558]
    Queen's Own FoolL a novel of Mary Queen of Scots / Jane Yolen & Robert J. Harris
    Second Mrs. Gioconda / E.L. Konigsburg [1452 - 1580]
    Shakespeare Stealer / Blackwood [England - 1564 - 1616]
    The Smile / Donna Jo Napoli
    Sword in Her Hand / Rijckeghem & Beirs
    Will Sparrow's Road / Karen Cushman [1558 - 1603]
    World Without End / Follett [Advanced Read] 

    1600s / THE 17th CENTURY

    Year of wonders / Brooks, G. [Plague in the 17th Century]


    1700s / THE 18th CENTURY

    Fever 1793 / Anderson, Laurie Halse - Yellow fever in the USA
    Astonishing life of Octavian Nothing [Gr. 9+]
    Silver Blade / Gardner, Sally [1789 - 1790 - French Revolution]

    1800s / THE 19th CENTURY

    Victorio's War (Bk 3) / Wilson, John (Civil War History)


    Boy in the striped pajamas / Boyne
    Old brown suitcase / Boracks-Nemetz
    Upstairs room / Bradley, J.
    Tunes for bears to dance to / Cormier
    Schindler's List / Keneally
    Daniel's story / Matas
    Run boy run / Orlev
    Malka / Pressler
    Maus / Spiegelman - graphic novel
    Milkwood / Spinelli
    Sophie's choice / Styron


    Across the nightingale floor, episode 1: the sword of the warrior  / Hearn
    Across the nightingale floor, episode 2: journey to Inuyama / Hearn
    Brilliance of the moon / Hearn
    Grass for his pillow / Hearn 
    Of nightingale's weep / Patterson
    Sign of the chrysanthemum / Paterson


    Agnes Grey / Bronte, Anne
    Christmas Carol / Dickens
    David Copperfield / Dickens
    Great Expectations / Dickens
    Far from the Madding crowd / Hardy
    Hard Times / Dickens
    Jane Eyre / Bronte
    Jude the obscure / Hardy
    Oliver Twist / Dickens
    Persuasion / Austen
    Sense and sensibility / Austen
    Wuthering Heights / Bronte


    Search and destroy / Huges, D.


    Catla and the Vikings / Nelson, Mary Elizabeth
    Sea of Trolls / Farmer
    Under the Mound / Heinrichs, Cynthia


    WORLD WAR I, 1914 - 1918 - FICTION

    All quiet on the Western front / Remarque, Erich Maria
    And in the morning / Wilson, John
    August 1914 / Solzhenitsyn, A.
    Birds without wings / de Bernières
    Charlie Wilcox / McKay
    Charlie Wilcox's great war / McKay, Sharon
    Farewell to arms / Hemingway, Ernest
    Flying Ace: Jack Fairfax, Royal Flying corps 1915-18 / Eldridge, Jim
    General's die in bed / Harrison, Charles Yale
    Hattie Big Sky / Larson, Kirby
    Home child / Haworth-Atard, Barbara
    Hydrofoil mystery / Walters, Eric
    Kipling's choice / Spillebeen, G.
    Lesla's dream / Langston
    Long long way / Barry, Sebastian
    No man's land / Major, Kevin
    Private Peaceful / Morpurgo, Michael
    Regeneration / Barker
    Stone carvers / Urquart, Jane
    Three-day road: a novel / Boyden, Joseph
    A Very long engagement / Japrisot, Sebastien
    War horse / Morpurgo, Michael
    The Wars / Findley, Timothy 


    WORLD WAR II, 1939 - 1945 - FICTION   

    Ash garden / Brock, Dennis
    B for Buster / Priestley, Chris
    Battle of Britain / Priestley, Chris
    Blitz: a wartime gilr's diary / Cross, Vince
    Blue skies and gunfire / Peyton, K.M.
    Book thief / Zusak, Markus
    Boy in the stripped pajamas / Boyne, John
    Camp X / Walters, Eric
    Catch-22 / Heller, Joseph
    Ceremony / Silko, Leslie
    Chinese Cinderella / Mah
    City of thieves / Benioff, David
    Cloud of bone / Morgan, Bernice
    D-day: lieutenant Andy Pople, Normandy 1944 / Perrett, Bryan
    Death ray / Simpson, Craig
    Dogfight / Simpson, Craig
    Eagle day / Muchamore, Robert
    English patient / Ondaatje, Michael
    Escape / Muchamore, Robert
    Escape from war / Riordan, James
    Family secret / Heuvel, Eric
    Five quarters of the orange / Harris, Joanne
    Flames of the tiger / Wilson, John
    Fly away home / Nostlinger, Christine
    Foreign field / Chan, Gillian
    Forever nineteen / Baklenov, Grigori
    Forget-me-not / Haworth-Atard, Barbara
    Four steps to death / Wilson, John
    Guests of war trilogy / Pearson
    Harmonica / Johnston, Tony
    Hitler's Canary / Toksvig, Sandi
    House on Prague Street / Demetez, Hana
    I am Rosemarie / Moskin, Marietta D.
    If this be glory / Stachowi, Hasso
    Last chance bay / Carter, Anne Laurel
    Lisette's angel / Littlesugar, Amy
    Love-lies-bleeding / Haworth-Atard, Barbara
    Milkweed / Spinnelli, Jerry
    On the other side fo the gate / Suhl
    Peace breaks out / Knowles, John
    Resistance, Simpson, Craig
    Rose Blanche / Innocenti, Robert
    Secret army / Muchamore, Robert
    Shadow of the wolf / James, Donald
    Sky is falling / Pearson, Kit
    Slaughterhouse-five / Vonnegut
    Spy Smuggler / Eldridge, Jim
    Stones in water / Napoli, Donna
    Suite Française / Némirovsky,Irène
    Survivor's Leave / Sutherland, Robert
    Tamar / Peet, Mal
    Tug of War / Lingard, Joan
    U-Boat hunter / Rerrett, Bryan
    Visit / Degens, T.
    War of the eagles / Walters, Eric
    We were not like other people / Sevela, Efraim
    What world is left / Polak, Monique
    Whilwind / Matas, Carol
    Wolf squadron / Simpson, Craig


    Diary of a young girl / Frank, Anne [921 FRA]
    Mein Kampf / Hitler, Adolf [921 HIT]
    The Trail of the Fox [921 IRV]
    Maus, a survivor's tale I & II [/ Spielgmann [Graphic Novel 921 SPI]
    The true "Intrepid": Sir William Stephenson and the unknown agents [921 STE]
    A child in prison camp / Takashima [921 TAK]
    A bridge too far / Ryan [940.54 RYA]


    Should you require a Bibliography for your assignment, remember to consult the "How To" section of the library website for "Citing Resources". 
    Use the format for "Books with one author" for the titles listed above .