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Renewals and Check Outs for Teachers

If the book is not overdue: 

1. Scan the student’s GO-CARD.
2. Scan the book barcode.
3. The first pop up box on the computer screen will ask:   "Do you want to renew?"       
    Click Yes to renew.
4. The next pop up box asks:   "Is the item present?" 
 If you notice some damages and there is no OUCH LABEL, or pink slip already in the book, call the teacher librarian.
If there are no damages and the book looks okay, Click Yes.
5. Print a new date due slip (Press F11).
6. Remind student of the due date.
Note:  Books that are being renewed were already de-sensitized when they were checked out the first time. 
But it doesn’t hurt to de-sensitize them again.  Just to make sure the alarm does not sound.

If the book is overdue: 

1. Check the book for damages. 
  •  If you notice some damages and there is no OUCH LABEL, or pink slip already in the book,
     call the teacher librarian.
  •  If there are no damages, continue to the next step.    
2. Put computer on CKI (Check In) screen.
3. Check in the book / Scan the book barcode.
    Title should appear on screen. If not, try again.
4. Then put the computer on CKO (Check Out) Screen. 
     Check out as per regular check out procedure:
  •  Scan student Go-Card
  •  Scan book barcode.
  •  Print receipt.
  •  De-sensitize books and magazines only.
  •  Remind the student to return it by the due date.


If books are overdue, students must bring books in to the library.
If books are not overdue, and the student has forgotten them at home, the student can renew the book(s)
 on line.
1) Go to a WEBCAT computer station & Open WEBCAT if it is not already showing on the screen.
2) Select “MY ACCOUNT”.
3) Type in the student number (i.e. BCeSIS number)
4) Click on “ITEMS OUT”
5) Check off the items to be renewed
6) Click on the RENEW button.


The procedure for checking out books and renewing books is the same for teachers.

The only difference is that the Teacher’s Cards are kept in a purple card box at the circulation desk.

You will find the box on the counter, to the right of the circulation computer, next to the coin box. 
The cards are arranged alphabetically by the teacher's last name.

You can either find the card & scan the barcode,


Look up the teachers’ name (See instructions posted on the circulation computer.)
Then follow the same check out procedure as for students (See Lesson 1).