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 Tour of Circulation Desk

In this video you will be given a guided tour of the circulation desk (a.k.a. The Checkout Desk) and shown where equipment and supplies that are located.. 


Vocabulary in this segment:   Circulation Computer / Scanner / Sensitizing Machine (also referred to as the Sensitizer, De-sensitizer, 3M machine) / Receipt Printer




 Job #1: Circulation Desk Jobs


If the schedule has a #1 next to your name, you are responsible for the circulation desk.  In addition to checking out and checking in materials, you will also be responsible for tidying up the circulation desk & mice tray, and collecting money for print jobs.




 Opening Procedures for Morning Crew


If you have chose to work before school (8 to 8:30 a.m.) your are responsible for making sure that all the opening procedures are completed, before you begin your regularly scheduled jobs.





 Closing Procedures


Monitors who work after school (i.e. the 3:05 - 3:45 p.m.) will be responsible for completing the closing procedures before leaving at the end of the day.  There are 2 steps that are not shown in the video.  Remind Ms. Bombino to show you what those steps are when you come in for your next shift




 Workroom Tour


Room 112C is the Library Workroom. This video is a guided tour of the equipment and the supplies you will find there.




 Supplies at Circulation Desk


The supplies at the circulation desk are for your use only. 
Only the pencil crayons and felt pens may be loaned out for student use in the library.

When asked for supplies please direct students the Student Work Station.   If supplies at the Student Work Station need to be replenished please restock materials from the items found in the filing cabinet at the circulation desk.