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Socials 8 - Roman Empire Inventions

SS 8 : Roman Empire - Inventions and Discoveries

Your mission is to find information on an invention that originated in the era of the Roman Empire  (500 BC - 1000 AD).  Refer to your teacher's handout for specific details.
Dewey Classifications:
  •  Roman Empire - 937
  •  Inventions and Discoveries - 607 - 608 
Note:   Many of these books have been put on a book cart for your class.
           A reminder to use the table of contents and index pages to locate specific information.
  • Roman inventions We don't usually recommend Wikipedia as a source but, in this case, we will allow it.  This page on Wikipedia has been reviewed and sourced and supplies a list of additional resources, and there is also a table under the heading “Technologies invented or developed by Romans” which provides a list of technology names and a brief description.
  • Ancient Roman Inventions (Given that the creator of the website is listed as "an Italian who writes about Roman History", this may not be the best site
  • Forvm Romanvm - [Roman Market Place] - Excellent overview of life in the Roman Empire. Has a separate section on surgical Instruments.
  • History World - Careful! This begins as a Greek Inventions page, but if you scroll down there are a few links to Roman advancements.
  • Discovering Roman Technology (BBC)
  • Rome's Ancient Aqueduct Found (news article written January 2010)
  • Romans: Technology (BBC) - This is intended for a younger audience but may be beneficial
Once you have picked a specific discovery or invention, your Google searches should lead you to more informative sites.