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Planning 10 - Healthy Websites

When it comes to choosing a good health website, it is crucial that you choose a "HEALTHY" website. That means choosing online resources that are: accurate, credible, objective, current and reliable.

It takes a bit of time to make sure a website is credible.  So you have to do some research.
But when it comes to your health - you're worth it!

One tool to help you narrow down the search is the ABC's Guide to Internet Evaluation


  • Decide on a "burning question" related you some aspect of your own eating, physical activity or stress management. 
  • Use a minimum of 3 Internet websites
    Always check for validity using the ABC's Guide to Internet Evaluation.
  • Complete an the "Internet Evaluation Checklist" for at least one of your resources.


  • Consumer Health Complete - provides access to a variety of medical references, medical journals and health related pamphlets on many health topics.
  • EBSCO - offers a variety of resources on different topics.

For details on Logins and Passwords, check the library page in your Agenda Book.

Suggested Health Websites