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Bibliography Basics

Bibliography Basics Lesson 

(Designed for Adapted Classes) 
GOAL:  To learn to write bibliography citations for WEB SITES and, time permitting, 
Note:  The complete Style Guide for Citing Works and the step by step guides for other resources are available in the "HOW TO" GUIDES section of this web site.
PART I:  You will be shown how  to find the information for a bibliography citation, 
              using the Templeton Library Site​
as an example. 
PART 2: You will choose one of the websites from the list distributed in class,  
fill in your data retrieval form & then use the information on the form to write
a full bibliography citation for the website you chose.

1)  Choose one of the websites on the list provided by your teacher.  
2) Fill in the worksheet columns with the information required.
3) Open Word or Open Office and write the bibliography citation as shown in class.
4) Write your name and block at the top of the page.
5)  Save your document.  Name your file with your name (Example:  Joe_Smith.doc )

6)  Send the document as an attachment to:
Answers will be posted when the activity has been completed.