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Templeton Secondary School Edcuational Foundation

The Templeton Secondary School Educational Foundation was started in 1985 to fund post-secondary education for Templeton students. Since then it has evolved into funding the Film and Culinary Schools as well.
The Foundation:
  • Provides scholarships to general student body for those in financial need for first year of university, college or trade school.
  • Matches students with sponsors who pay their university (fees, books, computer, etc.). This is a multi-year program for entire degree.
  • Keep equipment fresh in film school and provide scholarships.
  • Keep equipment fresh in kitchen and fund trips, Iron Chef contest and scholarships.
A $161,000 endowment fund does not generate enough return to provide for the needs of qualifying Templeton students every year.  With this in mind the TSSEFoundation, spear headed by Mr. Brad Bond, is undertaking a two year campaign to increase the fund to $1 million dollars with multi-year donations from supporters.   This is a large undertaking and is estimated to be a two year campaign to raise the targeted funds.
Please take an opportunity to explore the TSSEF website via the link below.