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Tecumseh Garden

Student leaders from Killarney Secondary, David Thompson, and Langara University College worked with Ms. Collins last year to prepare a proposal to create a school garden on the Tecumseh School grounds.  Some changes have been made to reflect district guidelines, but we have the go ahead to start building.

Thanks to Ms. Pearce and student sales of water bottles, we have the funding to start building one garden bed.  We will continue to work towards getting the funding to build a second garden bed, and a rodent resistant composter. 

Dream Green at David Thompson-LipDub

VSB Garden PolicyVSB Garden Policy.pdfVSB Garden Policy.pdf

The VSB has developed a guidelines for designing and building school gardens.

Original Tecumseh Garden Proposal Tecumseh Elementary Gardening Project.docTecumseh Elementary Gardening Project.doc

This proposal shows the "big vision"" of the garden leadership group.  We are going to start with two garden beds ( 1 metre by 2 metres) and start fundraising for the composter.  Surveying the area and leveling the soil will begin in February.