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The Internet

  • Internet Access for Students at Tecumseh School
    ·         Internet access is available to students at Tecumseh School through the VSB District network.
    ·         Students are able to use the library page of the school website to read books, do research and find library resources and much more.  Check it out at
    ·         Online tutoring and presentations are available through the BC Ministry of Education LearnNowBC
    ·         Students will also be going online to work on projects, play educational games and communicate via blogs, email, wikis and view the school website.
    Rules of Netiquette
    o   The rules online are the same as the rules of face to face communication.
    o   Students are responsible for following the Tecumseh Code of Conduct
    o   Demonstrating respectful language and treatment of all peers is an expectation.
    o   Everything posted online is a “digital tattoo” that stays with you FOREVER.  You are responsible for all of your online behaviour and it can be traced back to you.
    Internet Safety
    o   Only share email address, usernames and passwords to online accounts with parents or guardians. 
    o   Do not reveal personal information such as first and last name, birthdate, address, usernames or passwords to anyone online, unless directed by adult to visit a protected site (ie. LearnNowBC).
    o   Never make plans to meet a stranger over the internet.
    o   Do not have your picture taken for the website or the school twitter feed unless your parent/ guardian has given permission.