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Parents are an important part of the school system.  Parents and extended family (ie. brothers, sisters, grand-parents, aunts and uncles) are the very first teachers of each child.  You have known your child longer than anyone else and you know how your child responds in many situations.  Your participation in school is higly valued.

The Parent Advisory Committee (PAC) welcomes all parents.  You are automatically a member of PAC when you register your child in the school.  You are encouraged to attend meetings to listen, to learn and to participate in volunteer activities, should you choose.  The most current PAC project is to provide a new playground for students to explore when the wooden structure is removed in 2015.  At the January 2013 PAC Meeting, the Tecumseh Annex PAC presented a cheque for $5000.00 for the Tecumseh Main school playground rebuilding project!  Their generosity is very much appreciated.

At school, we do our best job of teaching students to wash their hands frequently and sneeze into their elbow to prevent the spread of illness.  Please keep your child at home if they are ill so they can recover.  This will help us to prevent the spread of illness. 

Check out Healthlink for health information.