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Library Monitors

The Library Monitor Job

monitors.pngThe job is open to Grade 4-6 students for one day a week for three months or so. You will be committing to the whole three month period. If you are unable to come I would ask you to find someone to replace you.

Students are expected to be in the library at 8:35a.m. each morning. The library will open for book exchange at 8:40a.m. for all school. After school please come from 3:00p.m. to 3:25p.m.

This is a commitment and it is important that it be taken seriously.

If you are interested in the library monitor job please speak with Mrs. Gill.  Term one library monitors are starting on Monday, September 30th.


Library Monitor Duties
  • Check books out to those who need to. Scan the student’s library card, then scan the barcode on the book and wait for the beep, ensuring that each title shows on the screen correctly. Students may check out only 2 books at a time. If they have an overdue please do not check out any books to them. If there are any blocks on their account, please talk to Mrs. Gill. monitors-3.png

  • Check books in on the back computer. Once you scan and hear the beep, ensure each title shows correctly on the screen. Put books on the wheeled cart in the correct order according to the stickers on the spine.

  • Shelve the easy books, fiction, and magazines. Put them away in the correct areas in the library. Do not shelve books unless you are sure where they go. When that is all done, please do some straightening of the shelves by shelving books that have been left lying around and making sure that books are in the correct sections.

  • In the morning, arrange the chairs properly, and ask Mrs. Gill if there are any new books to put on display. Organize the paperback book baskets and make sure that series are together. Turn on two student computers and open the library catalogue

  • After school, ask Mrs. Gill if there are any new books to put on display. Help shut down the student computers, tidy up the library, and help to put away book displays.

  • Friday Monitors, please help with the check-in, shelving, and tidying up the library. We also need to clean tables and put chairs up on Fridays.