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Welcome to the Tecumseh Library!


Happy Reading!

Library Hours reading-2.png
Our library is open from Monday to Thursday.
Before School:
Monday to Thursday
8:35am - 8:55am
After School:
Monday to Wednesday: 
3:00pm - 3:20pm
*note: After school on Thursdays we are only open for library monitors to help tidy and get things ready for the next week.
Books can be taken out for
2 weeks, and renewed by visiting the library.
Having books that are overdue means that you won’t be able to take out any more books!

Students can check out 2 books at a time


To keep track of what books you have checked out:
  • Go to
  • Click on Tecumseh Elementary School
  • Use your student number to Log In (same as logging onto a computer at school)
    • Your record is under "Circulation" 
    • Browse the school "Catalog" to find books you'd like to read
    • Access to digital databases paid for by VSB from home or any device 
      • BookFLIX, Starfall, National Geographic Kids, World Book, etc. 


Computer Use in the Library

homepage-computeruse.pngThe Tecumseh library has eight computer stations for student use, you can log in using your student number, and the password student





Online Research in the Library

The Vancouver School Board provides all students with access to a digital library that has an excellent collection of resources like World Book Online, The Canadian Encyclopedia, Science Power, BookFLIX, National Geographic and much more. These resources are wonderful sources of all kinds of information. They are especially helpful for doing research on a variety of topics. 

Access these resources through or by visiting our Research Skills page.


Most databases do not require another password, but if they do, use the following:

  • your VSB username and VSB password (same as webmail, Office365, logging on, etc.)
  • Tecumseh student UserID is 39tc, and the password is library
  • for the Province and Vancouver Sun databases use, and the password is library
    • ​You can even translate these papers into the language of your choice!


Volunteering at Tecumseh Library

School libraries bring families, teachers, students, and books together.
Students interested in being a part of the library can visit the Library Monitor page for more information. For parents, being a part of something special at your child's school is easier than you think. There are lots of ways to volunteer in our school library.  Please see me in the library if you are interested in volunteering.




Please note that this library website is a work-in-progress. Some content may be out of date. It is recognized that with the updated BC Curriculum, some of the content may be incorrect or referenced under a different grade. 

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

If you have any questions or concerns about the library please feel free to contact our Teacher-Librarian.

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