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Bookmark Challenge

From April 10 to April 28, 2017, Tecumseh's Grade 7 Library Club ran our first annual bookmark challenge. 

 One winner was chosen from each grade grouping:

*Grades K-3

*Grades 4-7

From the winning entries 2 bookmarks were chosen for publication at our school.  They are also showcased below on our website.   

Along with the winners, we have also posted honourable mentions because there were just so many fabulous bookmarks to choose from.

The winners will receive a coloured copy of their bookmark for them and their class.  Coming soon to the library will be black and white copies for everyone to take home.  


Congratulations to all our winners! Thank you to everyone who participated.

             Sofia C. (Div.6)                   Lourhayne L. (Div.12)

     GRADE 4-7 WINNER            GRADE K-3 WINNER

*Honourable Mentions*

       Sajjid B. (Div.6)                     Eva J. (Div.5)                    Ai M. (Div.6)                    Micah F. (Div.8)      
      Stella W. (Div.10)​              Victoria D. (Div.10)              Jayda C. (Div. 11)                Dylan W. (Div.16)
     Jacob B. (Div.17K)              Mina N. (Div.13)                   Jia K. (Div.17K)


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