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Discipline at Tecumseh

 The purpose of the Code of Conduct is to help provide a safe and supportive environment for learning at school, on fieldtrips, and online.  The school will take all reasonable steps to prevent retaliation against a student who has made a complaint of a breach of the Tecumseh Code of Conduct.
Sometimes students make bad choices that serve as opportunities for learning.  Whenever possible, consequences for unacceptable student conduct will be logical, preventative, and restorative.  Breaking the Code of Conduct will be handled according to the severity and frequency of unacceptable conduct, as well as the age, maturity and IEP goals of the student(s).  
  • Minor misconduct will result in a staff member speaking directly to the student to review appropriate choices and address how the student can restore the relationship.  A short time out may be assigned. 
  • More serious or repeated minor misconduct will be reported to the classroom teacher, principal, or vice-principal and a record will be kept of the incident and the action that was taken. 
  • When necessary, the classroom teacher, principal, or vice-principal will contact the child’s parents to discuss ways to reinforce the appropriate behaviour.  Loss of playground, classroom, or school privileges, and /or community service may be assigned to the student.
  • Very serious or chronic misconduct will be reported to the principal or vice-principal.  A record will be made and parents, officials, or agencies will be contacted as needed.  Consequences at this stage may include loss of playground and school privileges, community service or suspension from school.
  • As Tecumseh school promotes the values expressed in the BC Human Rights Code:  The school will treat seriously any behaviour or communication (onsite & online) that discriminates based on race, colour, ancestry, place of origin, religion, marital status, family status, physical or mental disability, sex or sexual orientation.
The B.C. School Act and The Vancouver School Board of Trustees authorizes that the principal or vice-principal to suspend a student from attendance at school for up to five days.

Information about Suspensions:

In accordance with the School Act, Sec. 85(2)(ii) and (d), the Board authorizes the Principal or designate of any school in the district to suspend a student from attendance at school for up to five days.

Suspensions may be for the following reasons:

a.       because a student is willfully and repeatedly disrespectful to a teacher or to any other employee of the Board carrying out responsibilities approved by the Board.

b.      because the behaviour of the student breaches the District Code of Conduct or policy and/or has a harmful effect on others or the learning environment of the school.

c.       because the student has failed to comply with the School Code of Conduct.

Suspensions over five days are made in consultation with the appropriate Director of Instruction as per District Policy (​