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Gifted Enrichment Programs

Key Features

  • Educa​tion services for all students begin in the classroom and the school
  • Giftedness is defined as: "A student is considered gifted when she/he possesses demonstrated or potential abilities that give evidence of exceptionally high capability with respect to intellect, creativity, or the skills associated with specific disciplines. Students who are gifted often demonstrate outstanding abilities in more than one area. They may demonstrate extraordinary intensity of focus in their particular areas of talent or interest. However, they may also have accompanying disabilities and should not be expected to have strengths in all areas of intellectual functioning" (BC Ministry of Education Special Education Services, 2013).
  • Identification of gifted learner profiles involves collaboration among classroom teachers, school-based team, district gifted education staff with input from students and parents. Early identification together with coherent, consistent and defensible screening and assessment procedures are critical to development of appropriate educational programs for these students.
  • Opportunities to participate in challenging academic, intellectual and creative learning experiences with similarly able students who share their interests.
  • A range of programs and services respond to the diversity of learner needs. Matching student needs to programs and services is supported by dynamic relationships among staff in schools and district programs.
  • IEPs (Individual Education Plans) are required for students who meet Ministry criteria for the "P" designation (gifted). Regular evaluation and reporting is based on the student IEP.

Programs and Services

  • Challenge Centre Program:
    A range of challenge centre pull-in programs are available for students in grades 1-7. These programs offer an opportunity for highly able students to work in a fast paced environment in a topic or area of curricular interest with other like-minded students. Each program module engages students to think critically, creatively, and flexibly as well as developing higher level thinking and communication skills. Programs range from 2-4 days.
  • Seminar Program:
    The Seminar Program is available for students in Grades 4-7 and are longer in duration than the Challenge Centre Program, offering a more intense enrichment experience. Seminar programs offer significant enrichment and intellectual rigor to students with advanced ability who are passionate about learning and crave the stimulation of working with intellectual peers. Seminars are ongoing, in-depth explorations designed to support higher level of thinking and analysis. Sessions include discussions, activities, and projects. Programs range from 6-12 days.
  • Twice Exceptional Learners (GLD/GEF)
    Consultative support and assistance for teachers working with students identified as both gifted and learning disabled and/or emotionally fragile are available. All referrals for programs/consultations are coordinated by the classroom teacher, resource teacher, or other school staff, such as a counsellor.
  • Multi-Age Cluster Classes (MACC):
    Full-time multi-age classes for identified academically gifted students are available in three elementary schools.
    • Osler Elemetary: Grade 4/5 class and Grade 6/7 class
    • Tecumseh Elementary: Grade 5/6/7 class
    • Kerrisdale Elementary: French Immersion Grade 5/6/7 class

    Identification of students for the MACC classes requires referrals from the Elementary Schools and further participation in various experiences that contribute to understanding the best educational match between students' needs and available programs. More information about MACC.​

  • Gifted Learner Summer Program
    Offered at Mackenzie Elementary in Vancouver during July. Application forms are online in early spring.
  • District Specified Alternative Programs (Mini Schools)
    Most secondary schools offer Enriched and Honors courses including options such as Mini Schools and  Advanced Placement courses. The range of district programs is available under the Programs – Secondary Students menu link
  • District Secondary School Program for Gifted Students with Learning Disabilities(GOLD)
    The GOLD program is designed to meet the needs of intellectually gifted students who are twice exceptional in that they are gifted and meet the criteria for Learning Disabilities, and /or are underachieving.
    • GOLD program - Prince of Wales Secondary
    • GOLD program - David Thompson Secondary

    More information about GOLD program.

  • University Transition Program
    An accelerated secondary program leading to early entrance to University. This is a Tri-Institutional Partnership between the Vancouver Board of Education, the University of British Columbia, and the BC Ministry of Education. The program is located on the campus at the University of British