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Independence - December 2016

Our IB Self-Study documentation was submitted November 30, and we are eagerly awaiting a reply.  In the Spring we will host an IB visiting team, who will verify our self assessment data and action plan, make commendations, and make recommendations for areas of further development.

Please remember to check the IB section of the school’s website.  There is information about various aspects of the Primary Years Programme, including descriptions of the five essential elements, an updated Programme of Inquiry, and copies of the school’s language and assessment policies.

In December, we are focusing on the PYP attitude Independence.  Independent students are able to think and act independently, make their own judgments based on reasoned argument, and defend their judgments (  At Southlands, we often explain independence as thinking for yourself and doing things for yourself.  Independent students think and act for themselves, not how others want them to, they try things themselves before asking for help, and they can explain their choices.

Raising self-sufficient, independent children is a gradual process, and involves developing skills for making sound decisions, self-management, taking action to meet goals, being responsible for one’s actions, and finding out information.

Start small.  Let your child complete tasks they are capable of, even when it’s taking longer than you had hoped!  Help your child set small, short-term goals now, so they develop the skills needed to set long-term goals later on.  Help your child learn to be responsible in all situations by encouraging them to follow through on commitments they make, and by finishing tasks they take on.  When children are looking for answers to their questions, point them in the right direction, but allow them to figure things out themselves.  It takes work and patience to raise independent children, but it’s worth in in the long run!