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Library Hours
Before school - 8:40-9:00 am
After school    - 3:00-3:30 pm


Databases links are now on the Home Page of every school's VSB Library site after you login. Look for the VSB Library icon on your desktop or use to get to the library system page.


  1. Go to your school's new library site
  2. Login: both teachers and students need to login in order to use the databases. Use the same username and password for Windows login.
  3. Click on the database you want to use
    • Optional: you can use the databases toolbar to display filter databases by grade and/or language. There is Quick Tips link that's worth checking every once in a while.


Login to individual databases is no longer required after you login to Destiny at school

**After logging into VSB Library, authentication to most databases becomes automatic with very few exception. Some vendors provide an optional personalized account for access to additional tools. E.g. Learn360 and National Film Board Campus

The Legal Stuff

Database vendors agreed to remove login based on the understanding that VSB will put these links behind a password protected page. Please do not allow Guest access to your library site's Home Page.

Will you ever be asked to login?

Yes, IF:  
  1. You are not at school - in which case you can refer to Password List for login information
  2. You are not using the icons and links on your Destiny Library Home Page
  3. You are using personalized feature that some database provided e.g. NFB Campus, Learn360, etc
  4. You are using a website that the district did not purchased license for

How do I access databases when not in school

Generic IDs follow pattern that usually include a two-letter school code.  Click here for your school code.
Password list is accessible only with a VSB sign in account. Click here for the Password List


User name: 39 + school code e.g. 39ba for Bayview. Applicable to all EBSCO products.

WorldBook Online

User name: 39 + school code e.g. 39ba for Bayview. Applicable to all Worldbook products. 

Gale Nelson products 

User name: 39 + school code e.g. 39ba for Bayview. Applicable to all Gale Nelson products. 

National Film Board

Generic ID for school is available upon request.
Any teachers at schools can setup a personalized ID and activate CAMPUS on it via an activation link.
CAMPUS films are streamed free. VOD and downloadable versions, where available, cost extra. 

Passport to Internet 

There are English and French version for teachers' resource.  When not at school, please use the following links and login IDs. (English) (French)

Teachers username: t39all

Students username: 39all

The above usernames are effective since October 17th, 2013. 


For teacher it is t39 + school code

For student it is 39 + school code 

My BluePrint

This database is not auto-authenticated. All login IDs are personalized.