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Vancouver School Travel Planning Process – Improving Traffic and Transportation at Selkirk

Vancouver School Travel Planning Process – Improving Traffic and Transportation at Selkirk


Selkirk Elementary has been selected as 1 of 4 schools that will participate in this year’s 2015-2016 City of Vancouver School Travel Planning Process.


School Travel Planning (STP) is part of a successful national program. The process involves engaging stakeholders and building partnerships to help tackle the challenge of decreasing traffic congestion around schools and promoting more active and safe routes to



HASTe BC is the Hub for Active School Travel in British Columbia and has been the province’s lead organization helping municipalities facilitate School Travel Planning.


By participating in STP this year, your school will receive:

·            Engaging one-on-one facilitated support to develop a network where the school, PAC council and families can all work together to identify traffic congestion and active travel barriers while working together to implement solutions.

·            Other active transportation focused youth engagement programs, including a facilitated school assembly & event.

·            Create a Best Routes to School Map Brochure visually highlighting safe and active routes to your school while informing parents, students and families of its importance.

·            Cycle training for Grade 4 & 5 students.

·            A useful Action Plan for your school documenting all relevant infrastructure changes and program development highlighted throughout the process.


Actions and benefits that have come out of School Travel Planning often include: infrastructure changes (e.g., crosswalks, curb-bulges, speed-humps, signage, sidewalks, bike racks), walking school bus programs, crossing guard programs, youth lead education assemblies, poster campaigns, Walk to School Week and Bike to School Week events and a recorded decrease in traffic congestion perception.


Please contact Katelyn McDougall at (604) 454-8504 or if you have any questions or thoughts about encouraging active transportation to and from Selkirk Elementary.​​