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English Kindergarten Registration:

Children who live in Secord’s English catchment area can be registered from the beginning of November to end of January at the school office from 9am-3pm.  (If you are not sure if you live within our catchment area, go to to search for your neighborhood school by address.)  Parents must bring with them:
• Proof of address (e.g. recent property tax statement, home purchase or rental/lease agreement, hydro or cable statement)
• Child’s original birth certificate
• Canadian immigration or citizenship documents (if not born in Canada)
• Child’s immunization records since birth
Children not born in Canada should go to the VSB’s District Reception and Placement Centre first.

French Immersion Kindergarten Application:

All students must first register at their English in-catchment school during the period beginning-November to end-
All parents interested in French Immersion at Laura Secord School are strongly encouraged to attend the parent
information session to learn about  the French Immersion program (see below)
Application to French Immersion is done on-line at from mid-January through early February 
(exact dates will appear on school calendar) .  At this site, parents can indicate several choices of program in priority 
IMPORTANT:  It is important that parents first select the educational program they feel is best suited for their
child (ie French Immersion, Montessori).  Each program is designed with a different learning outcome in mind
select the one you believe is best for your child.

TIP:  If French Immersion is your preferred educational program, make sure you select your "In-catchment"
French Immersion school as your first choice.  If you select a school that is not within your priority
registration zone (aka "catchment") your chances of getting in will likely be much lower.
There will be a district supervised draw to select applicants for the available program space. 
Offers for program spaces will be made by late February. You will be given via email a formal offer of a space in a Kindergarten choice program or an indication of where you sit on the waitlist. If you have not heard back by late February, please contact the school Principal of your neighborhood English catchment school and they will help you find out about your child’s status.

Parents must first register their kindergarten aged child at their English neighborhood school (even if you do not intend to attend there).  You will then need to apply on-line for French Immersion from mid-January to early February.  If we receive more applicants than we have spaces, a randomized draw will be held and parents will be notified.
Detailed application information is available at
Detailed information about Early French Immersion is available at

French Immersion Kindergarten Application for siblings:

Sibling Priority is given to French Immersion Kindergarten applicants, only if all the following conditions are met:
  • The applicant has an older sibling who attends French Immersion at Secord in the current  school year (ie before the applicant starts Kindergarten), AND that older sibling will be a student in French Immersion at Secord in the following year attending concurrently with the applicant. 
  • The applicant must still be registered first at his/her in-catchment English program school.
  • The applicant must still apply on-line for French Immersion at Secord during the application period.
  • Indicate “sibling” on your on-line application.
Late application or failure to follow these procedures will result in the child losing sibling priority and possibly not getting into French Immersion at Secord.

Grade One Early French Immersion:

Limited spaces are available for students new to French Immersion who wish to enter at the grade one level.  Parents are encouraged to attend the information sessions (info below) to learn more about the French Immersion program.  To apply for grade one French Immersion, parents need to fill out an application form  or come into the school office.  The application period is November 1 - Jan 31.  If there are more applicants than spaces available, a supervised draw will be held and parents will be notified in early February.

Grade 6 Late French Immersion:

Late French Immersion is for students with no French background or previous experience interested in learning French in an immersive setting who have successfully completed Grade 5.  French Immersion is a program that can offer your child:
• a fun, effective and challenging way to learn French at an early age
• the opportunity to learn the same curriculum as the regular English program, in French
• an opportunity to participate in rich French cultural learning experiences
• a bilingual future
Students and parents interested in this program should attend the upcoming French Immersion information sessions.  Detailed information and application forms are available at The application period for late French Immersion is November 1 – Jan 31.  It is not a first come, first served basis but all registrations will be collected along with a written letter by the student which includes their reasons for wanting to participate in a Late Immersion program.  A copy of their first grade 5 report card can be sent to the school after December.



District Reception and Reception Centre 
 District Reception and Placement Centre,
1000 East 59th Avenue, Vancouver, BC, V5X 1Y7
Telephone: 604-713-5999
Registration hours: 8:30 - 11:00 am, Monday to Friday