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2018-2019 French Immersion Registration

All parents interested in French Immersion at Laura Secord School are strongly encouraged to attend the parent information session to learn about  the French Immersion program.

French Immersion at Laura Secord School
What?                  Learn about the Early French Immersion program at Lord Secord School (K and Gr 1) as well as Late French Immersion (Gr 6)
·         Meet school staff, students, parents
·         “A typical day in French Immersion”
·         Learn about the application process
When?                  Thursday, January 11, 2018, 7:00 pm
Where?                K & Gr 1 -  Secord small gym, Lower Floor.  Gr 6 - Room 209

Application/Registration process:


All students must first register at their English in-catchment school.


Application to French Immersion is done on-line from early January 2018 to early February 2018 at    This link will go live at that time, not before, so check in regularly.  At this site, parents can indicate several choices of program in priority order.

IMPORTANT:  It is important that parents first select the educational program they feel is best suited for their

child (ie French Immersion, Montessori).  Each program is designed with a different learning outcome in mind

select the one you believe is best for your child.

TIP:  If French Immersion is your preferred educational program, make sure you select your "In-catchment"

French Immersion school as your first choice.  If you select a school that is not within your priority

registration zone (aka "catchment") your chances of getting in will likely be much lower.


Sibling Priority is given to French Immersion Kindergarten applicants, only if all the following conditions are met:
  • The applicant has an older sibling who attends French Immersion at Secord in the current 2017-2018 school year, AND that older sibling will be a student in French Immersion at Secord in 2018-2019
  • The applicant must still be registered first at his/her in-catchment English program school.
  • The applicant must still apply on-line for French Immersion at Secord during the application period.
  • Indicate “sibling” on your on-line application.

Late application or failure to follow these procedures will result in the child losing sibling priority and possibly not getting into French Immersion at Secord.

There will be a district supervised draw to select applicants for the available program space. 
Offers for program spaces will be made by late February/early March. You will be given via email a formal offer of a space in a Kindergarten choice program or an indication of where you sit on the waitlist. If you have not heard back by early March, please contact the school Principal of your neighborhood English catchment school and they will help you find out about your child’s status.
"Cross-boundary" applications for French Immersion Kindergarten:
As French Immersion kindergarten is a District Choice program, there are no "catchment areas";  students may apply to attend Kindergarten at any of our French Immersion schools.  Instead of catchment areas, there are "priority registration zones", meaning priority for acceptance into French Immersion kindergarten will be given to applicants who reside within their priority registration zone.  As application to French Immersion kindergarten is done on-line, and as applicants may indicate a first and a second choice, there is no need for parents to apply cross-boundary to a French Immersion school that is outside their priority registration zone; you would instead indicate your non-priority registration zone school as one of your choices when you apply on-line.  Please take careful note of the "TIP" above as selecting a non-priority registration zone as your first choice may decrease your chances of getting into French Immersion should there be a lottery.