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Have you ever been in a school undergoing seismic construction?  The staff and students at Queen Mary can answer yes to this question!

Here is a movie that Ms. Soldan put together that shows the creation of Portable City  from Ms. Van der Woerd’s classroom

Get Microsoft SilverlightThe Portable City

When we came back in September 2013 we were met with construction crews on our coveted soccer field, making preparations for what is now fondly known as 'Portable City'.

Since then  there have been major changes.  Three students in Ms. van der Woerd's grade 4/5 class are taking up the challenge to describe particular aspects of this amazing process!

Each week Claire, Robyn and Stamos will update us on how the construction at Queen Mary is progressing.  Our first entry involves a brief description that the students have written about themselves. 

We hope you enjoy reading!

R. Thomas



My name is Claire.  Last Wednesday, 04/02/14 boys younger than me were chasing me and I made the best escape ever! 

My favourite animal is Persian cats.  My favourite food is pepperoni pizza and cheese pizza.  My favourite colour is blue. 

Next year I am moving to a new school called Stratford Hall. I am in grade 5 and this is already my 6th year in Queen Mary.  I was here since Kindergarten and my birthday is on March 25th and I am 11 years old.  I still feel like I'm 10.

  I can't wait for the new school to be ready.  But I'm going to miss it.  And I am interested in typing up stories and hearing different languages.



Hi my name is Robyn and if you want to learn about Queen Mary you've come to the right place!  

I am a professional dancer at West Side Dance.  I love drawing and acting and a little singing, but dane more.  And Queen Mary is the best school ever!


Stamos : 

Hi,  I'm Stamos and I'm guiding you in this blog, and I'm a really good actor and I like to film people, animals, dragons, construction, paper planes, also pencils and houses.

I have been at this school since grade 3.

I love my name Stamos.  Stamos Stamos Stamos ya Stamos.  I 'm Stamos ya!!!