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About Us

Queen Mary supports the learning needs of 315 students in the residential community of
West Point Grey. It is an established community with a rich and interesting history and
an evolving ethnic and socio-economic diversity in a stable area of Vancouver.
The school is located next to Trimble Park and is within walking distance of a small
business community on West 10th Avenue. First established in 1914, the school consists
of four connected buildings.

Parents are active supporters of school programs. They volunteer in many ways such as
supporting student safety through Safe Arrival and through the “Walk Whatever the Weather”
program, which is co-ordinated by parents to encourage parents and students to walk to
school and to help reduce traffic congestion. They also help promote classroom activities
and extra-curricular programs such as sports. The parents have also been active in a
variety of other school community functions and fund-raising initiatives to enrich the
classroom and school facilities.

. Queen Mary is known for the many programs and activities that enhance
student learning and foster positive social, emotional and physical growth.
The school maintains high expectations for student behaviour and manners based on
principles of safety, respect and responsibility. The basic skills of respect and
responsibility require empathy, hard work, consistency and common sense. 

It is our vision that our students feel connected to home, to school, to community, and to the
world, and that they take pride in themselves and in their citizenship. Queen Mary is
friendly, welcoming, and inclusive. Everyone is expected to demonstrate a sense of
community and cooperation.​​​