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Student Services

Peer CounsellingPrerequisite: None (Open to Grade 12 students only)
Peer Counselling 12 is intended to equip selected students with the attitudes, knowledge and skills necessary to help form a supportive network for students within the school. Training will include the teaching and practice of listening and responding skills, problem-solving, decision-making, conflict resolution strategies, group facilitation skills and the understanding of such critical issues as abuse, suicide, substance abuse, relationships and self-esteem.
Students wishing to take part in this program must apply through the sponsor teacher.

Peer Tutoring (LD): YPTU2A

Prerequisite: Open to Students in grade 11 & 12

This course is of particular interest to students who are interested in gaining leadership experience in assisting and supporting students with their academic work. It is open to any student in grade 11 or 12 who has a strong academic background and an interest in helping other students learn. A student taking the course will commit to a regular timetabled block as well as off-timetable meetings at least once per month. All peer tutoring will be done under the direction of a teacher. Marks for this course will be based on attendance, reliability, initiative and development of effective working relationships with students and teachers.

Community ServiceThis course has been developed to allow the individual strengths of students to be paired with school and/or community needs through service activities. Because the role of the Community Service student will vary according to the wide range of needs in secondary schools, elementary schools or outside agencies, a definitive role description cannot be provided. Each student and teacher will develop the student’s service role and the assessment based on the course objectives and individual needs of both student and teacher. It is important that the guiding principal when developing the student’s role is that it must benefit the student.

The nature of this course is that it will be developed between the teacher and the student to meet the individual needs of both. The following roles and examples are the organizers under which each Community Service student’s role will be defined. Note: These lists are not meant to be prescriptive.
Community Service may include the following duties:

  • Teacher Assistant
Students may assist the Teacher to prepare for lessons through activities such as: preparing equipment or supplies, setting up labs, field trip preparation, creating bulletin boards and displays, conduct library research and other appropriate activities.

Students may assist the Teacher in classroom organization through activities such as: taking attendance, inventory management of equipment and/or supplies and other appropriate activities.

  • Office Assistant
Students may assist teachers or administrators by learning and completing office tasks such as: filing, answering phones, keyboarding, shelving and organizing library books and other appropriate activities.

  • Tutorial Assistant in the Classroom
Students may assist teachers by helping students having difficulty by providing assistance or clarification and reviewing lesson or assignment

Students may assist teachers by helping students in the class to organize notebooks and agendas, by checking homework book for assignments and other appropriate activities.

  • Community Outreach

Students may work with teachers provide service assistance in the community such as: working with local elementary school students or day cares or Senior Citizens Homes.

Library Service 11 & 12 (Self directed studies)

This course provides students with a work-like experience in a school library setting and they should consult with the Teacher-librarian prior to signing up. While providing service to the students and staff, students acquire skills and attitudes that are transferable to other work and community settings. Students acquire library specific clerical and technical skills. Students develop interpersonal skills working with peers and staff and under a supervisor. Students develop the ability to be self-directed, to work independently, and to recognize when it is appropriate to ask for assistance or direction. Students are assessed through self and teacher evaluation using the criteria set out in the course expectations. Students may elect to continue in their second year in Library Service 12 (as self-directed studies).

Home Economics Community Service 12This course provides students interested in Home Economics an opportunity to explore the many facets of the subject area. This course is especially appropriate for students considering a career in education or teaching, the fashion industry, or the food service industry. Students will assist the Home Economics teachers with lab preparation and other activities. Students will be able to use their creativity and learn time management and communication skills as well as how to work in a co-operative environment.

Students wishing to participate in the program should consult the Home Economics teachers before registering for this class and then see their counsellor.

Students must perform a minimum of 120 hours of service work for course credit. Term grades will be based on teacher evaluation and student self-evaluation.

Community Resources for Students & Families
The following list and/or our school website,, is your link to help if you have a problem or a worry.  There is no need to feel alone.  Reach out to the appropriate contact or consult your school counsellor.  These resources, and many more, are available to you.
  1.   Doctor – See your family doctor. 
        If you need a new doctor call the College of Physicians at 604-733-7758.
  2.   Youth Clinics – Vancouver/Richmond Health Department. 
        Free, confidential, drop-in, phone for clinic hours:
        Boulevard Youth Clinic                          Broadway Youth Resource Center
        2110 West 43rd Avenue                                                 691 East Broadway
        604.261.6366                                                                        604.709.5720
        Commercial Drive Youth Clinic                                Evergreen Youth Clinic
        200 – 1651 Commercial Drive                                       3425 Crowley Drive
        604.253.3575                                                                            604.707.3616
        Knight Street Youth Clinic                                         Mid-Main Youth Clinic
        6405 Knight Street                                                             3998 Main Street
        604.301.2227                                                                            604.709.6400
        Pine Community Health Clinic   Three Bridges Community Health Center
        1985 West 4th Avenue                                                   1292 Hornby Street
        604.736.2391                                                                            604.736.9844
  3.   Children’s Hospital                                                                  604.875.2345
        St. Paul’s Hospital                                                                   604.682.2344
        Vancouver General Hospital                                                   640.875.4111
  4.   Emergency                                                                                                911
        Poison Control                                                                         604.682.5050
        Crisis Line                                                                                604.872.3311
        Help Line for Children                                                             604.310.1234
        Kids Help Phone                                                                   1.800.668.6868
        Youth Against Violence Line                                                   604.775.4264
  5.   Planned Parenthood                                                                604.731.4252
  6.   Sexuality – Information, Testing, Support
        AIDS/STD’S                                                   604.660.6161 or 604.872.6652
        AIDS Vancouver                                                                       604.681.2122
        Youth Co (Aids support/info)                                                 604.688.1441
        Vancouver Rape Relief                                                            604.872.8212
        WAVAW Rape Crisis Centre                                                    604.255.6344
        Incest/Sexual Abuse via Family Services                               604.874.2938
        Gay & Lesbian Youth                                                               604.684.4901
        Sexual Assault Assessment                                    604.875.2345 ext. 3270
        Sexual Assault Services (BC Women’s)                                  604.875.2881
  7.   Alcohol & Drugs
        Addiction Services                                                                   604.714.3480
        Information & Referral                                                            604.660.9382
        Pacific Spirit Community Health Centre                                 604.267.3970
        Al-Anon / Alateen                                                                     604.688.1716
        Deyas Youth Detox                                                                  604.251.7615
        Odyssey II                                                                               604.299.6377
  8.   Eating Disorders
        BC Children’s Adolescent Clinic                                              604.875.2200
        Eating Disorder Resource Centre                                           604.806.9000
        Healthy Attitudes Project                                                        604.321.6151
  9.   Multicultural Supports
        MOSAIC                                                                                    604.254.0244
        Mental Health                                                                           604.875.2010
        SUCCESS                                                                                   604.408.7255
10.   Police/Legal
        Victim Services                                                                         604.717.2737
                                                                         or see the School Liaison Officer
11.   Emotional/Mental Health
    Mental Health Emergency Services                                        604.874.7307
    SAFER (Suicide Support)                                                         604.879.9251
    Battered Women Support Services                                        604.687.1867
    Westside Mental Health Team                                                604.873.6733
    Kitsilano/Fairview Mental Health Team                                 604.736.2881
    Crisis Line                                                                                604.872.3311
    Family Services                                                                        604.731.4951
12.   Community Resources
    Canada Employment Centre                                                   604.872.7431
    Vancouver Parks & Recreation                                                604.681.1141
    Teachers Tutoring Services                                                     604.730.3410
    South Hill Adult Education Centre                                          604.713.5770
    Dunbar Community Centre                                                      604.222.6060
    Kerrisdale Community Centre                                                 604.257.8100
For more resources or in case of changes,
please call Vancouver Information Services                                 604.875.6381