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Grad Transitions



All B.C. secondary school students who are enrolled in Grade 12 must complete Graduation Transitions.

Graduation Transitions is intended to prepare students for a successful transition to life after secondary school. In order to meet this goal, Graduation Transitions encourages students to:

    • take ownership of their own health and learning
    • examine and demonstrate connections between their learning and their future
    • create a plan for their growth and development as skilled, healthy, knowledgeable, participating citizens
    • exhibit attributes of a model B.C. graduate

For more information on this Ministry requirement, please see

No mark is given for this requirement. Students will receive a comment on their report card, indicating the fulfillment of this requirement.  If fulfillment of this course is NOT MET (assignments not completed and handed in for assessment) students will not be able to graduate--Grad Transitions is required for graduation.

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How to Complete Grad Transitions:
  1. Review all requirements by reading through this website and all the attachments.
  2. Note the due dates for each of the four requirements.
  3. Once you have completed a requirement place a hard copy in the ‘Grad Transitions’ box outside of Mr. Wilson’s office, or email a scanned copy to
  4. Each assignment will be graded as “Satisfactory” or “Incomplete”.  Mr. Wilson will only contact students who after each requirement deadline have an “Incomplete.”  However, students who received a “Satisfactory” standing on any assignment are free to solicit feedback from Mr. Wilson in person or via email.
  5. At the end of the year, students will receive a final grade of either RM “Requirement Met” or RNM “Requirement Not Met.”  Students must have a “Satisfactory” mark on all four assignments in order to earn a grade of RM.  Any student who has a RNM on their transcript is not eligible to receive their Dogwood. 

Please note that there are five documents below that you can download and/or print regarding Grad Transitions:
1.       How to Complete Grad Transitions   How to Complete Grad Transitions.pdfHow to Complete Grad Transitions.pdf
2.       Requirement #1 – Health Plan  Requirement 1 - Health Plan.pdfRequirement 1 - Health Plan.pdf
3.       Requirement #2 – Post Secondary Survey   Requirement 2 - Post Secondary Survey.pdfRequirement 2 - Post Secondary Survey.pdf
4.       Requirement #3 – Reflection Statement      Requirement 3 - Reflection Statement.pdfRequirement 3 - Reflection Statement.pdf
5.       Requirement #4 – Community Service   Requirement 4 - Community Service.pdfRequirement 4 - Community Service.pdf
I trust the instructions are straightforward and that the assignments are clear.  However, if you have any questions, please drop by and see me or send me an email.
Thank You
Mr. Wilson