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Student Achievement and Recognition

Report cards
Report cards are issued as indicated in the school calendar.  Interim report cards are issued when necessary between reporting periods as a further means of notifying students, parents or guardians of student progress.
Marks for all students include percentages and letter grade equivalents as follows:
A      86 – 100%                     C-    50 – 59%
B      73 – 85%                       I       For term marks only – less than 50%
C+   67 – 72%                        F      For final marks only – less than 50%
C      60 – 66%
Marks are awarded for reaching the objectives of the particular course, which may be based upon the results of tests and quizzes, written and oral reports, classroom participation, essays and projects, both group and individual.  Consideration is given to individual abilities of students and the program or course of studies he/she is taking.  Evaluation is done on a continuous day-by-day basis. Consequently, regular attendance is required for an assessment to be made.  Parents are encouraged to contact subject teachers or counsellors at any time for assistance or additional information.
Prince of Wales:  Work Habit Rubric 
 Every report card, teachers evaluate students on their work habits.  This rubric includes the majority of the criteria that your teachers are using to make this evaluation.  Periodically you should evaluate yourself according to these criteria.
Needs Improvement
Most assignments missing, frequently not ready to work and learn.
Most assignments turned in, ready to work and learn.
All assignments turned in, ready to work and learn.
Demonstrates an industrious work ethic, ready to work and learn.
Does not work well with other students or teachers.
Usually works well with other students and teachers.
Works well with other students and teachers, participates in class in a meaningful way.
A class leader exemplified by a high degree of positive and meaningful participation initiated by the student.
Needs one-on-one attention most of the time.
Often requires direction.
A self-directed learner, takes appropriate initiative, and responsibility for learning.
A keen and enthusiastic leaner actively seeking out personal growth and learning opportunities.


Prince of Wales awards are given for excellence in three areas of endeavour: academics, service, and athletics.  The awards committee, comprised of representatives from administration, teaching staff, counseling, and students, assist in making recommendations for awards which are presented at regular school assemblies or at annual Undergraduate Awards and Graduation/School Leaving ceremonies.
Honour Roll

Each term, students achieving a minimum average of 80% are awarded an Honour Roll Certificate. This is based on the following:
²  Grades 8, 9 & 10: all courses, at least 7 PW courses enrolled at PW
²  Grades 11 & 12: all courses, at least 6 PW courses enrolled at PW
Any one course mark below a C+ (67%) or unsatisfactory work habit mark (i.e. “N”), disqualifies a student from the Honour Roll.  Some courses such as Community Service will not be included in the calculation for Honour Roll.  Others, including Directed Studies and Skills Development, may be included on a case-by-case basis.  ELL courses will not be eligible for honour roll as no marks are assigned in these courses as required by the BC Ministry of Education.
Graduation Honour Roll
The Graduation Honour Roll acknowledges those students who achieved Honour Roll status in both terms 1 and 2 of their graduating year.
Principal’s List

The Principal’s List Certificate is awarded to students who achieve a minimum average of 92% on all of their course work.  Any unsatisfactory work habit mark (i.e. “N”), disqualifies a student from the Principal’s List. 
Graduation Principal’s List

The Graduation Principal’s List recognizes those students who achieved the Principal’s List in both terms 1 and 2 of their graduating year.
Service Awards
Following the school motto, “Ich Dien – I Serve”, all service hours and awards are for service to Prince of Wales or for actions directly benefiting our school community.
Service Certificates are awarded at Grad and Undergrad Awards Ceremonies for those students in Grades 8 - 12 who have contributed 20 or more hours of service in the current school year.  Service Pins:  Students will also be recognized for cumulative service through their years in school for the following hours of service given at PW:
Bronze Pin: for 50-99 hours
Silver Pin: for 100-149 hours
Gold Pin: for greater than 150 hours of service
Double Gold:  for greater than 200 hours of service
Platinum Pin:  for greater than 500 hours of service
Graduates are eligible for the following Grade 12 Service Awards at the Grad Ceremony:
Ich Dien School Service Award: These hours are accumulated for service outside
athletics service and yearbook service and are cumulative service hours from Grade 8.
Ich Dien Athletic Service Award: These hours are accumulated for athletic/PE service outside of regular scheduled PE Community Service Blocks and are cumulative
athletic service hours from Grade 8.
Ich Dien Yearbook Service Award:  These hours are accumulated for service for the yearbook outside of regular scheduled yearbook class hours.
Passport to Education

Passport to Education stamps are issued in August on behalf of the Ministry of Education and are redeemable for five years following graduation at designated post – secondary institutions and approved Industry Training Authority providers.  Stamps are valued at $250 for each of Grade 10 & 11, and $500 for Grade 12 students and are allocated to 9000 students, pro-rated provincially based on enrolment.  Stamps are awarded according to the following criteria:
Ø  Canadian citizens or landed immigrants who are enrolled at Prince of Wales as of September 30th of the academic year;
Ø  Based mostly on course marks and up to 1/3 on school determined factors.
Ø  Outstanding Attendance.
Ø  Compliance with the school code of conduct – REACH – respect, effort, attitude, contribution, and honesty.
Ø  A single failing grade or unsatisfactory work habit mark (i.e. “N”), in any reporting period, disqualifies a student from Passport to Education.
Dogwood/District Authority Awards

District Authority Awards of $1,000, issued as $500 cheques and $500 vouchers, are available to graduates who excel in Fine Arts, Applied Skills, Physical Activity (not limited to Physical Education), or Second Languages (including Aboriginal Languages) with IRP's or External Assessments, including AP and IB courses.  A total of 3,000 awards are offered throughout the province and are pro-rated to school district/authorities based on enrolment.  Students are now eligible to earn both Dogwood/District Authority Awards and the Grade 12 Graduation Scholarships noted on the next page.
Grade 12 Graduation Program Examinations Scholarships

Grade 12 Graduation Program Examinations Scholarships are available in the amount of $1,000.  To qualify for these scholarships, students must be Canadian citizens or landed immigrants who have completed the Language 12 requirement.  Awards are competitively based on a ‘Standard Ministry Score’ involving a combined score on their best 3 exams (no matter what year written) equal to 2 standard deviations above the mean score of all students who achieved above 70% on the provincial exams. Re-write exam marks are not included in the calculations.  The top twenty winners in the province receive $2,500.  For further information on the Scholarships & Awards Program, visit the website:
Athletic Block Awards

Students are awarded Athletic Block Awards based upon accumulated points for inter-high school participation and achievement.  The credit system outlined below attempts to acknowledge student effort, attendance, and participation in practices and games, as well as the level of achievement in both team and individual sports.
Criteria for accumulating credits:
1. Participating on school team from one season        Maximum of 3 credits
2. Advancing to Playoffs                                           Maximum of 4 credits
3. City Semi-Finalist                                                Maximum of 5 credits
4. City Finalist (runner-up)                                       Maximum of 6 credits
5. Winning a City Championship                               Maximum of 7 credits
6. Qualifying for Provincials                                      Maximum of 8 credits
7. Provincial Semi-Finalist                                        Maximum of 9 credits
8. Playing in a Provincial Championship                     Maximum of 10 credits
9. Winning a Provincial Championship                       Maximum of 12 credits
These are the maximum credits awarded.  If coaches/sponsors feel an individual has not contributed or earned the maximum, they may award partial or no credit.
Athletic Big Block Club
The Prince of Wales Athletic Big Block Club is organized according to the following outline:
Small Block         25 credits           PW Small Bowl   65 credits
Large Block        35 credits           PW Large Bowl   75 credits
Small Plaque       45 credits           Walesmen Cup   85+ credits
Large Plaque      55 credits          
Athletic Service Block Club

Students who are managers, referees, timers, and/or scorekeepers can earn athletic service points. For each hour of athletic service, a student can earn 1 credit.
Criteria for accumulating credits:
1.     Managers attending league games will be awarded 1.5 credits per game
2.     Managers attending team practices will be awarded 1 credit per practice
3.     Referees will be awarded                                             2.5 credits per game
4.     Timers and scorekeepers will be awarded                  2 credits per game
These are the maximum credits awarded.  If coaches/sponsors feel an individual has not contributed or earned the maximum, they may award partial or no credit.
The Athletic Service Block Club is organized according to the following outline:
                Small Athletic Service Block          65 credits
                Large Athletic Service Block         150 credits
Athletic service hours are defined as additional hours of time towards the organization of the school’s athletic program, excluding regular school and PE 12 service hours.