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Social Studies 9

Prerequisite: Social Studies 8

The history of Europe and North America from 1500 to 1815 is the focus of the Grade 9 Social Studies curriculum.

The four major themes in this course are:
• Society and Culture
• Politics and Law
• Economy and Technology
• The Environment

Canadian and world current events will also be examined throughout the year. The intent of the curriculum is to integrate the various disciplines of Social Studies. In addition to the geographic skills used to study the course content, students will continue to develop problem solving, critical thinking, information handling, writing and oral skills and will gain additional practice in evaluating information. As well, students will be introduced to the geographical concepts of elevation and relief, latitude and longitude, time zones, and using an atlas.

There is a cross-grade final exam, based on the entire year’s work. It is worth 15% of the student’s final mark.