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Social Studies 8

Prerequisite: None

Social Studies 8 has as its main focus the study of civilizations from A.D. 500 to 1600.

The four major themes in this course are: 
• Society and Culture
• Politics and Law
• Economy and Technology
• The Environment

The intent of the curriculum is to integrate the various isciplines of Social Studies with the various civilizations of the world. Included in this integration is an understanding of atlas skills such as using graphs, tables, grids, scales, and legends and various types of maps. A special component of this course is a unit in comparative religions where several historically influential religions are studied. This unit is augmented by a field trip to a variety of religious institutions in the Vancouver area. Finally, students will begin to develop problem-solving, critical thinking, writing and oral skills, and skills at evaluating information.

There is a cross-grade final exam, based on the entire year’s work. It is worth 15% of the student’s final mark.