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B.C. First Nations Studies 12

Open to Grade 11 and 12 Students
Prerequisite: Social Studies 10

B.C. First Nations Studies 12 is a new, provinciallyprescribed elective course open to 11 and 12. Students may take this course instead of Social Studies 11 or they may take both courses. The purpose of this course is to provide knowledge of the traditions and history of British Columbia’s First Nations peoples. 

Specifically, the curriculum covers the cultural expressions of First Nations peoples in terms of artistic traditions and literature, the events that were shaped by colonialism from a First Nations perspective and current issues such as the land question, self-government, and the evolving nature of First Nations cultures.

There is a provincial examination required for successful completion of this course.  Assessment is based on small tests and assignments designed to meet course objectives. Credit for B.C. First Nations Studies 12 will satisfy the Social Studies 11 requirement for graduation.