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Earth Science 11

Prerequisite: Science 10 or Science 10E

Earth Science 11 is a survey course designed to introduce students to the diverse aspects of earth and space science, and offers applications to the real world. Through the investigation of geologic processes, students will become aware of their role as custodians of our planet and develop an appreciation of the impact of human activities on both local and global environments.

• Earth and Its Environment: Introduction
• Geological Science: Earth materials; weathering and erosion; Tectonics and Volcanism; Tectonics and Earthquakes; Resources and Environment
• Oceanographic Science: Oceans
• Astronomical Science: Observing the Universe; Stars and Galaxies; the Sun and the Solar System; the Earth and Moon; Space Technologies
• Atmospheric Science: The Atmosphere; Pressure and Winds; Evaporation; Precipitation and Weather
• Earth’s History: Geologic Time