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Active Living 11/12 - FIELD TRIPS

Prerequisite: Physical Education 10​


Active Living - FIELD TRIPS will provide a motivating environment where ALL students (boys and girls) will discover ways to develop life-long healthy living habits through active participation in enjoyable activities in and around our neighbourhood community. These activities include: golf, bowling (10 pin and lawn), fitness classes, yoga, pilates, weight training, spinning classes, different varieties of dance, aqua fit, rock climbing, skating, swimming and dragon boating to name a few.


In addition to physical activity, there will be a foods studies component concentrating on healthy eating, which will focus on food selection, preparation and sports nutrition.

The course will also provide students with opportunities to develop and demonstrate leadership.  Those leadership qualities and skills will be required to plan, organize and safely participate in recreational events in the community such as the annual “Terry Fox Run”.


It is hoped that through this multitude of experiences that students will understand that physical activity and healthy eating are important parts of overall health and well-being.


NOTE:  Students will not miss their other classes when we are meeting with the class at a neighbourhood facility.