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Graphic 10

Prerequisites: None
Often referred as the graphic arts, graphic communication encompasses the processes; from the originations of an idea, to the design, layout and final image. As well as the industries that create, develop, produce and disseminate products, utilizing or incorporating words or pictorial images to convey information, ideas, and feelings. Products produced facilitate learning, enjoyment, motivation and commerce. GC includes the family of market segments embracing the technologies of printing, publishing, packaging, electronic imaging, such as traditional and digital photography.​

This course is designed for Grade 10 students who wish to work on the school yearbook in Grade 11 or 12. Students will learn to use the elements and principles of layout design to create effective layouts, work on desktop publishing using the Adobe InDesign program and image manipulation strategies using the Adobe Photoshop program. This course is mandatory for students wishing to take the Yearbook 11/12, Annual Production/ Visual Arts Media Arts 11 course.