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Art 9

Art 9 is an extension of the Art 8 program that will include a more indepth study of drawing and painting, sculpture, clay work and printmaking. The main emphasis will be upon developing personal images from a variety of sources and using a wide range of media. Field trips to galleries, artist guest speakers, and some art history may be included. Students in some classes will design and make their own sketchbooks for a first project. The sketch book is an important part of the course.

Upside-Down Karsh Portraits.
In this project students were given a black and white reproduction of a photographic portrait by Karsh, asked to turn the portrait upside down, and reproduce it in pencil. This exercise is designed to force students to turn off the part of the brain that tells them what they “should” see and allows them to concentrate on what they do see: simply a series of interconnected lines and shapes that anyone with elementary motor skills can reproduce. When the drawing is turned right side up again – the students find that they have drawn very accurate and “well seen” portraits. Anyone can draw, it’s just a matter of really looking.