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Spanish 12

Prerequisite: Spanish 11 with at least a C+ standing recommended. Can be taken concurrently with Spanish 11, with the recommendation of the teacher.

Textbooks: Dime Dos, Spanish for Mastery
Spanish 12 is a very intensive course. New verb tenses, major grammar structures, and extensive vocabulary are introduced and practiced thoroughly. The emphasis is on listening, speaking, reading and writing at an advanced level. The students do guided and independent reading and oral presentations regularly.

Main topics in this course include:
• exchanging ideas and thoughts about areas of personal interest
• expressing plans, goals and intentions in the short and long term
• giving reasons and information to support points of view on familiar issues
• interacting in situations drawn from real life
• reading original Spanish articles and short stories
• researching, synthesizing, and presenting relevant information from several Spanish language resources to complete authentic tasks
• writing compositions, letters, reports.