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French 8

Prerequisite: None

Text: Ça Marche 1
The key objective of the Ça Marche 1 program is to build the student’s proficiency in communicating French. Throughout this course, the speaking and listening aspects of the French language are emphasized, although there is ample practice of reading and writing. There is a focus on communication with accuracy through an authentic cultural context. Through partner work, small groups, and presentations, students will practice their communication and written skills in French. There is also an introduction to French grammar and new vocabulary throughout the units. There is a CD listening program that enriches listening comprehension and highlights cultural aspect.

A selection from the following units will be covered:
• Mémo-Photos
• Salut, mes amis!
• Bon appétit!
• Venez chez nous!
• Incognito
• À toi le choix!