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Foods 9 and 10

Prerequisite: None

This course alternates yearly as Course A or B. This flexibility enables the students to experience a different foods course in both their Grade 9 and 10 years.  Students will receive course credit which corresponds to their grade level.

Course A:  The course focuses on special days around the world and the way that people celebrate them. We will focus our exploration on the food, culture and culinary aspects of various seasonal festivities.

We will start the year off by examining and practicing different food preparation techniques. As we travel around the world, we will study global cuisines and at the same time we will study food rituals. By the end of the year, students will be able to prepare nutritious meals from around the globe.

Course B:  In this course, students are taught food preparation techniques and independence in the kitchen. The guiding principle of this course is to examine the relationship that food plays with respect to the self, families and different cultures.

We start the year off learning food preparation techniques as students begin to prepare simple, nutritious meals that are appealing to the teenage palate. The course culminates in the application of the acquired skills in a final entertaining unit that highlights savory, sweet and baked foods from around the world.