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The counsellors provide academic, career and personal counselling.


Academic Counselling includes assisting students in:

  • Discovering their strengths and needs. 
  • Selecting appropriate and relevant courses for achieving personal goals (please see "Course Selection" below).
  • Understanding the behaviours and attitudes that help lead to educational and personal success.
  • Accessing post-secondary information about programs, admission requirements and scholarships.
  • Working with other students, parents, teachers, and people from the community as a resource.

Career Counselling includes assisting students in:

  • Examining their abilities and interests and relating those to potential roles in the world of work.
  • Recognizing the relationships between school subjects, leisure activities and occupations.
  • Planning and accessing short and long term goals.
  • Becoming aware of the variety of careers and occupations available.

Personal Counselling includes assisting students in:

  • Self-awareness; strengths, needs and values.
  • Goal setting, decision making and problem solving skills.
  • Developing and mentoring positive relationships.
  • Accessing support for mental health concerns.
  • Conflict management and resolution.
  • Dealing with a wide range of social, personal and developmental issues.
  • Accessing services in the community. 


Who We Are - Point Grey Secondary School's Counsellors, 2018/19

Grade 12  - Mr. Cordoni

Grade 11  - Ms. Agius

Grade 10  - Mr. Baxter (available Day 2)

Grade 09  - Ms. Sim

Grade 08  - Ms. AgiusMr. Cordoni, Ms. Sim (please contact any of the counsellors to learn which one is working with your child)

Counsellors will follow their students from Grade 9 through to Grade 12.


Course Selection

Considerable effort has been made to offer courses that provide alternatives for students so that they may meet graduation requirements and also concentrate on areas of special interest. Students are required to take a minimum of 80 credits over Grades 10, 11 and 12, some in specific subject areas (see Graduation Course Checklist​).

Academically inclined students should take a program which is balanced but also geared toward their post secondary focus. Students in Grades 11 and 12 who are interested in vocational programs such as technical studies, fine arts, business education, and home economics must meet specific program requirements that go beyond Ministry minimums. All students should take note of post-secondary prerequisite courses when making long-range plans. 

Every student will have an individual timetable which must operate within the framework of facilities, staff availability, time allotments, graduation requirements( Ministry of Education and post-secondary institution regulations), and student choice. Timetabling of student choice is done by computer. Because there is a wide choice of courses offered, a number of "conflicts" may occur in the timetabling of students' first choice subjects. These conflicts will not prevent development of a graduation program, but may affect the choice of course within a subject area (two courses offered only once falling in the same time period). Every effort will be made to provide students with the courses desired.

Parents who are concerned about course selection are invited to contact the appropriate counsellor. There will be a Course Planning Night for parents in early February of each year.  Please consult the current calendar to confirm the exact date.

All students in Grades 8 through 11 will take eight courses.

All students in Grade 12 will take seven courses; the eighth can be a Study Block.

The task for now is to plan courses carefully to ensure a great start to the next school year.


Provincial Examinations/Assessments

The new 2018 Graduation Program is almost fully implemented by the Ministry of Education.  There will be two province-wide assessments required for graduation, one in literacy, one in numeracy.  The graduation class of 2019 will be the last to write the English 12 Provincial Examination, though they are required to complete the Numeracy Assessment.