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Code of Conduct

The administration and staff at Point Grey believe that this school should be a place for safe, purposeful learning. Consequently we expect students to actively participate in their educational program.   All members of the Point Grey community have the right, under the BC Human Rights Code, to an environment that is free of discrimination, harassment, bullying, cyberbullying, intimidation, and violence, either physical or psychological.
Student Consequences 
Any student who violates School Board or school policy will be subject to disciplinary action that may include one or more of the following depending on the nature and severity of the situation:
  an interview with the administrator
  •  notification of parents/guardians
  •  notification of the police
  •  participation in a counselling program
  •  detention
  •  restorative processes
  •  community service
  •  in-school suspension or  formal suspension
  •  transfer to another school
  •  expulsion from the school district, or a combination of these consequences
Parents and students should know that the Board authorizes administrative officers, teachers and other appropriate personnel at Point Grey to discipline students, in the classroom, the school at large and in extracurricular situations.  In serious cases the principal or designate has a responsibility to inform other parties of serious breaches of the code of conduct.  These parties may include: staff, parent(s) of student offender(s), parent(s) of student victim(s), school district officials, police and/or other agencies, as required by law and/or all parents.
Rising Expectations
As students become older, more mature, and move through successive grades…
  •  they are expected to develop increasing personal responsibility and self-discipline
  •  there are increasing consequences for inappropriate behaviour
Students at Point Grey Secondary School are encouraged to treat fellow students with dignity and respect.  Students who encounter any form of racial or ethnic prejudice are to report such incidents to their counsellor or the administration.
Point Grey Secondary School is a community of learners who are respectful and caring of each other.  It is the expectation at our school that students, staff, and parents demonstrate a caring community that is free of intimidation, harassment, bullying, and all forms of violence


We aspire to develop honest, ethical, and accomplished students capable of being responsible citizens.  Examples of cheating include: 
1. Plagiarizing
  •  copying material from any source (ex. the internet, other students, a tutor)
  •  using other’s ideas without acknowledging the source
2. Copying from another person's test paper or knowingly allowing another student to copy from your  paper
3. Consciously assisting another student to attain marks through misrepresentation
4. Submitting copied assignments and/or submitting the same assignment more than once
5. Bringing or using unauthorized notes and/or electronic devices such as cell phones, camera phones, electronic dictionaries, programmable calculators for a test
Cheating Policy: Consequences
   Parent/Guardian will be notified of the incident.
   The student will receive "zero" for that particular assignment and this will be calculated into the accumulated total for the course.
   The student will not be eligible for Honour Roll recognition for the current academic year.
   The student will not be eligible for Passport to Education for the current academic year.
   The student will not be eligible for school-based scholarships.
   The student may be suspended or transferred.
The School Administration will determine specific consequences after consultation with the supervising teacher, on a case-by-case basis.